FireEye Combines Virtual Machine Technology, Big Data Analysis, to Counter Cyber Attacks

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FireEye logoFireEye earlier this week released Oculus, which is reportedly the industry’s first global, real time, continuous protection platform. The company says that with

Oculus, it is delivering what it believes is the world’s strongest defense system to counter today’s targeted cyber attacks.

According to a press release issued by FireEye, Oculus is comprised of three components:

· Threat Prevention Platform—The FireEye Threat Prevention Platform addresses today’s advanced cyber attacks. The platform features the patented Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine that conducts signature-less analysis atop a patented, virtualization technology purpose-built for security. The MVX engine is designed to provide scalable, accurate, and timely protection across the primary threat vectors—Web, email, and files. In addition, to counter the growing menace of malicious mobile applications, FireEye plans to augment its MVX technology by releasing a new SaaS-based platform named FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention early next year.

· Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI)—FireEye’s global deployments provide the company with rich threat intelligence. On an hourly basis, FireEye customers benefit from updated threat intelligence on worldwide cybercrime networks and nation-state actors. DTI leverages:

  1. Big Data analysis: By aggregating and analyzing large volumes of attack data in near real time, FireEye can recognize global attack patterns and pinpoint possible and actual targets, thereby providing customers much needed foresight.
  2. APT Discovery Center: The APT Discovery Center catalogs and analyzes current and past APT campaigns. It characterizes APT attacks by technical footprint, vertical industry, geography, and target to help security teams, law enforcement, and governments improve defenses.

· Support and Services: Today’s attacks are global in nature. FireEye protects its global customers via 24x7 worldwide support in all major regions around the world. Organizations are also realizing that security talent is in short supply globally. To address this challenge and to leverage FireEye’s unique insight into today’s advanced threats, FireEye is introducing Continuous Protection Service. This service allows FireEye customers to leverage FireEye’s expertise in addressing today’s cyber threats and gain insight into their security posture relative to their industry vertical, allowing them to conduct a continuous risk assessment of their organization.

In a separate announcement, FireEye also released the NX 10000, which is a high-performance threat prevention platform designed to enable multi-gigabit advanced threat network protection.

The FireEye NX 10000 utilizes the FireEye Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine to deliver a threat prevention platform with multi-gigabit performance. It is a turnkey platform that can be deployed at Internet egress points to block Web exploits and multi-protocol callbacks with negligible false positives.