ThreatTrack Captures Diverging Responses on Cybercrime Demands

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ThreatTrack Security, a cyber-threat prevention solution provider, published today “Negotiating with Cybercriminals,” a study that revealed 30 percent of security professionals recommend negotiating with cybercriminals

for return of stolen data or restoration of files.

"ThreatTrack research reveals a surprising number of security pros would concede to cybercriminal demands to avoid the consequences of data compromise, loss or misappropriation," said ThreatTrack Senior Vice President Stuart Itkin. "Whether data is stolen by sophisticated Advanced Persistent Threats or targeted attacks, or lost due to ransomware infection, enterprises need to reevaluate their cybersecurity strategies to incorporate the latest advanced threat defenses and become obsessive about backing up their data. Rapid detection and elimination of threats, and the ability to restore encrypted data, will neutralize the incentives that are driving cybercrime extortion and help ensure security professionals will not have to face this difficult choice."

Of the nearly 40 percent of security professionals are employed at an organization that has been targeted by cybercriminals, 55 percent supported negotiations, a significantly higher percentage than professionals without firsthand experience.

Conducted in March 2015, the survey included 250 security professionals at U.S.-based companies with 500 to 2,500 employees. Opinion Matters conducted the survey independently on behalf of ThreatTrack Security.