In today’s workforce challenges are never ending.  As technology advances, teams work from various locations, and methods and strategies improve there is never a lack for knowledge, skills, leadership, and values.  One of the best ways to enhance these skills is through training and development programs.  These programs provide individuals with the opportunity to expand their knowledge, brush up on skills, and explore new horizons.

The way we work has changed drastically over the past 2 years, and we have entered  the era of tela-everything.  With Covid currently in full swing again, meaning people are restricted to their homes.  Many businesses are looking to their MSP’s to keep their business running. 

In a year of what feels like never ending changes, the IAITAM took the motto of KISS in 2021.  This many seem simple, however, it does come with challenges to many businesses.  As an organization the  IAITAM took a step back and looked at their processes, procedures, software, and overall organization.

This year we have seen some of the largest supply chain disruptions in modern history. Covid-19, inclement weather, labor shortage, are just the tip of the hat supply chain leaders have had to deal with this year. With many MSP’s struggling to get hardware, and high demands with businesses outfitting entire businesses to work from home we have seen a shift to preowned products.

Cyber criminals are becoming more and more crafty every day, with the most recent tactic being to infect mobile devices.  Although mobile malware is not currently as prevalent as malware attacks on traditional workstations the threat is growing.   Earlier this year researchers discovered a new malware campaign named AbstractEMU which was geared at targeting mobile users through app stores. 

Did you know that every Monday Andrew Morgan, Ryan Weeks, Gary Pica, and West Spencer host a cyber call ( to expose MSPs to industry exports through a collaborative production.  Each week these experts will share their knowledge on specific domains to help elevate your cyber capabilities, grow your knowledge, and elevate your skills to help you grow your business. 

Weather you are a big MSP, small MSP, just opened or been in business for many years your business can operate at a high maturity level.  The key to operating at a high maturity is less about revenue and more about having a plan for the future, agility, scalability, and growth.  With operational maturity or functioning at a higher level of efficiency

With security threats on the rise (there has been a 300% increase this year in ransomware attacks), many small and medium businesses are concerned they may be next.  To address this concern Microsoft has designed Microsoft Defender for business which is an new endpoint security solution that brings enterprise grade security to small and medium businesses. 

The channel has grown and changed over the years from VARs and Resellers to Solution Providers or MSPs.  With the vast shift over the years some wonder if we should even be called “the channel” anymore.   

In July of 2022 industry veteran Patrick Pulvermueller joined Acronis as there CEO.  With an extensive background in product development, a stint at GoDaddy and many executive positions in his career Pulvermueller is a great fit.  Harry gets a moment at the Acronis Cyberfit conference to chat with Patrick about the three things he is focusing on in his new role and what he sees for the future of Acronis. 

In today’s ever changing world businesses must capture opportunities in order to stay competitive.  Thus it is more important than ever to educate yourself on the ever changing landscape by  implementing new opportunities, and growing your knowledge.  We meet up with Aaron Garza who shares with us the ever changing landscape as well as what he is recommending to his partners to stay up to date.


We focus on cyberattacks on government agencies, high tech companies, and other large companies but think,  it will never happen to me.  What do I have to offer these attackers?    However, organizations and individuals around the world are increasingly finding themselves with lost data, stolen money, and or disruption to their computers.