Grebennikoff: MFA on November 5, 2019

Geek Speak

I’m attending the Acronis Global Cyber Summit, and I received a ping from SMB Nation member Brian J. Weiss. He asked why doesn’t the Acronis solution set have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in the product


To get the answers, I met with Nick Grebennikoff, Acronis development office, to get the answer. It turns out it was a simple answer. “Acronis Cyber Cloud version 7.9 doesn’t have MFA. Indeed it was our gap but we have closed it.” Grebennikoff shared. On November 5, 2019 we will release Acronis Cyber Cloud version 8 and it will have MFA.”

If you’d like to double-click down into the MFA configuration procedure, start HERE. acronis nick g

An engineer at heart, Grebennikoff is responsible for building the Acronis product portfolio, overseeing Research and Development (R&D) and has a span of control of 450 employees geographically spread across Singapore, Bulgaria, Russia and Phoenix.

We ended the conversation about the R&D about using behavioral-based protection and how that is not enough. “So then we went into machine learning, AI, etc. Add stack trace analysis via a static file analyzer. W look at all streams that are in the file such as calls to system DLLs, etc. Then we can build our models taking these inputs (over 150 parameters). With every new sample, we can retrain the mode.” Grebennikoff shared. “We’re talking dynamic updates.”