Thinking Man #2: Tasos Tsolakis – Host with the Most

Geek Speak

Continuum’s senior vice president for global service delivery Tasos Tsolakis is my second thinking man to profile from the recent Navigate 19 conference in Pittsburgh. And while we could talk about his advanced degree from a

topflight MBA program (Wharton) and his corporate accomplishments, I’d rather focus on fun.

Tsolakis was responsible for the end-of-day two Continuum Security Operations Center (SOC) tour for 100+ lucky Tais Tsolakisattendees. The SOC is located about 30-mins away from downtown Pittsburgh and is one of four geographically disbursed SOCs in the Continuum portfolio. “We created the SOC in the Pittsburgh area because of the availability of talent” Tsolakis stated. “The SOC is also a great way for new Continuum help desk employees (inside the Network Operations Center (NOC)) to grow career wise - the SOC job is a higher-level opportunity for the help desk employee.”

And just where does Continuum find new employees who might like to do the SOC hop? Part of the answer concerns a college internship program. Started three years ago, local colleges are the source of interns in the help desk field, SOC positions and the automation team.

Editor’s Note: The Navigate 19 conference reported al all-up attendee count of 500 individuals. So that translates into 20 percent of the attendees enjoyed the SOC tour.