DeSaix: Pushing IoT to the Edge

Geek Speak

One of the most impactful conversations at the recent Lenovo Accelerate conference was a 1:1 with Todd DeSaix, Sr. Product Marketing Manager / Segment Leader, IOT and Edge Solutions, Data Center Group at Lenovo. The idea of pushing IoT “to the Toddedge” is appealing to the adrenaline junkies inside the SMB Nation community.

Sure got me and the amazing Jennifer Hallmark psyched.

When it comes to IoT solutions, DeSaix believes IoT overlaps with everything. He believes in partnering with players like Pivot 3 and Scale Computing plus Microsoft Azure of course…it’s more than just the hardware in DeSaix’s mind – it’s about solutions.

Talking points

  • Lenovo is focused on helping customers deploy intelligent transformation. But I think we’re really trying to make it easier for customers to solve business problems. It’s no longer just enough to have the hardware.
  • Let’s talk security. There is hardware security, software security and networking security. An example of the hardware-side is “detection by tampering” where someone physically moves the device (could be a server box). This is accomplished by sensors. Part and partial to the security approach is we encrypt all of the data including the server operating system. This is super important in the health care sector (think HIPAA).
  • Any software partner providing software has to go through a vigorous vetting process. We work closely with the US government in this realm to assist us in following security protocols.
  • Back on the hardware side, is the new baby server SE350 (imagine a “tiny computer” on rolling medical carts, etc. Lenovo has a long-term reputation on perfecting miniaturization.