Last Mile Office 365 Protection

Geek Speak

I’ve had some very interesting conversations about email and protecting your identity and infrastructure. A little context is in order. First – one man’s quick view of infrastructure security history – not necessarily in order:

  • Firewall: Here yesterday, today and tomorrow – the moat around the castle.
  • Virus Protection: Still relevant but this approach more prevalent in the past
  • Password Hacking: Threat will never go away but folks have learned to over time to mitigate this with best practices.
  • Worms / Patching: Again – yesterday/today/tomorrow threats – keep ‘em patched up folks.
  • Email: My focus in this communication

Recently I participated in a Tech Tuesday segment on Northwest Digital News about Phising you can watch here. And I spoke with an SMB community leader about his new venture in email address protect here. So I want to talk about comprehensive email protection – a wholistic approach – with you now.

I like what SolarWinds is doing with Mail Assure and its protection of what I call the last mile of Office 365. If you think about it, and you agree all the previously mentioned attack vectors are important to protect, it’s email that’s an end point in the Office 365 experience (ergo – the last mile).


In its report titled “Protecting Office 365 with SolarWinds Mail Assure” SolarWinds knocks it out of the park by giving an always welcome primer on the email threat landscape, common types of email attacks, its end-to-end turnkey Mail Assure protection solution (both standard and advanced) plus the business side of productivity, cost containment and more. Heck even the extensive citations in the reference section are worth the read alone.

If you’d like to download this report – click HERE.