Happy Holidays!

Geek Speak

Short. Sweet. Simple. We wish all of the SMB Nation the happiest holidays however you choose to celebrate. We stand proud as an inclusive global community that supports each other.

Ways to Celebrate
First and foremost is respecting your choices to celebrate with your family as you see fit.

That said, the old saying is that “everyone has a family” implying you are not alone when the tension temperature is high at family gatherings. But life is short so balance that tension with carpe diem. Life is short.

Me Time
Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Too many of us give our all to others but forget about “me time.” You have our permission for some “me time.” My “me time” is cycling. It puts me in the Zen zone, clears my head and contributes to physical good health and a generally positive attitude 

IMG 20171207 181016160

Figure 1: Enjoying a chilly winter ride recently.

As you can see in the pic below, two former Microsoft employees and SMB Nation fans made the trip across the “moat” from Seattle to Bainbridge Island for a relaxing two-hour late lunch last Friday. As the popular T.V. ad says, priceless. We laughed, we cried and conspired to do good business in 2018. Holiday cheer and business development are not mutually exclusive.

lunch dec 8 2017
Figure 2: Lunch with John Spilker and Cheryl Salazar at the Bainbridge Art Museum

And then there is Grace Schroeder, CEO of slingr.io. She’s been so kind to SMB Nation over the last decade. Our ledger is out of balance as we’ve time more of her kindness than we’ve given. Schroeder would likely call that the very act of kindness.

We are profoundly thankful for your support over the past 18-years. Time have changes, product stacks have come and gone yet we remain a community focused on small and medium business technology matters. For the record, we have started out 19th years as of November 1stThank you!

Old School
Please kindly accept this blog (and newsletter) as our holiday greeting card. Work for us and hopefully works for you. But there are some SMB Nation members who are old school! Thought leader Karl Palachuk recently sent a “real” holiday card to SMB Nation. Yep – you read it here first and you can see it below. Thank you Karl!


 Figure 3: Holiday Card from Karl Palachuk