PLEASE TAKE ACTION: Support Rural Broadband

Geek Speak

I’m blogging to you about an important tech policy issue—and to ask you to take a quick action to show your support because you are an important partner to Microsoft.

About 34 million Americans lack access to affordable, reliable broadband. This especially hurts rural businesses and communities. It also limits opportunities for our own businesses—and the growth of the tech sector overall.

Innovative technology now exists that can carry broadband on

wireless spectrum known as TV white spaces. This technology can help spread the reach of broadband, but widespread deployment will not happen without action by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Specifically, the FCC must preserve three TV white spaces channels for use by this broadband technology.

Here’s how you can help: Please follow this link to a joint letter that businesses are sending to the FCC—and add your name and your company’s name. It’s especially important that the FCC hear support from the business community for TV white spaces broadband.

I am working in conjunction with Voices for Innovation, which is hosting the letter. Once signatures are collected, this letter will be submitted to the FCC and become part of the public record.

I very much hope you will add your name to the joint business letter to the FCC. Thank you.