TechSquad IT, Bigger Brains Holding Webinar at 1 pm EST to announce BiggerMSP Partner Program

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techsquadMSP firm TechSquad IT said today that it has partnered with Bigger Brains to create a new MSP-focused marketing enhancement program called


BiggerMSP is based on Bigger Brains’ premium, high-definition video training courses, which have all been developed in the uniquely engaging “Teacher/Learner” style. Each course is divided into short, 10-minute video modules, to make it conveniently easy to learn whenever your schedule permits, and to jump straight to the training modules you need right away with our unique search function.

“Since its launch at the SMB Nation Fall Conference in 2012, Bigger Brains has been doing quite well in the enterprise market, working with clients both nationally and internationally,” said Chip Reaves, CEO and Founder, Bigger Brains. “However, I felt that our channel program, and the way that we respond to the SMB market, needed a bit of a push. When I thought about who might be best to lead our MSP sales program, Chris Wiser’s name naturally came to the top of the list. Chris, who as a successful MSP, has knowledge of the SMB channel, also has a strong sales and marketing background which makes his skillset uniquely fitted for helping us to create a powerful MSP program.”

Through the BiggerMSP program, TechSquad IT will work with MSPs who would like to provide unique online training as a “bundled” package for their SMB clients. The goal, as a result of the partnership with TechSquad IT, is to effectively package the courses so that MSPs can easily offer them as part of their services packages to their SMB end users.
Online Training courses in BiggerMSP include:

· Microsoft Excel (68 modules, 10 hours).

· Microsoft Word (82 modules, 14 hours).

· Microsoft PowerPoint (42 modules, 6 hours).

· Windows 8 (5 modules, 1 hour).

· Quickbooks Pro 2013 (43 modules, 6 hours).

· Plus Sales, Marketing, Presentation Skills, Time Management, Communication Skills, and more.

In addition, BiggerMSP resellers will receive unique and creative client engagement videos for use on their websites and social media. “We started this with a custom-branded Windows 8 training video when Bigger Brains launched” said Reaves. “The feedback from both resellers and customers on that video has been huge, especially since Windows 8 has had a reputation for being somewhat difficult to use. In fact, that video has been so popular that for several weeks it’s been the top video on YouTube for searches on ‘Windows 8’, garnering well over 100,000 views.”

“I am very excited about the partnership with Bigger Brains and the new BiggerMSP program,” said Chris Wiser, Founder and CEO, TechSquad IT. “I feel that with my skills and expertise in being able to triple the growth of my MSP firm TechSquad IT in the last year, I will be able to provide Bigger Brains with the knowledge and strategies that they will need to grow the BiggerMSP program for MSPs who want to bundle this as a package for their SMB customers.”

For more information on the partnership between Bigger Brains and TechSquad IT, both companies will be co-hosting a webinar today, July 1, at 1 pm EST. The webinar will discuss the BiggerMSP program, and the opportunities that are currently available. Click Here for more information and to register.