Aria Systems Launches Unified Channel billing for Recurring Revenue Models

Geek Speak

Aria Systems today launched Unified Channel Billing, a breakthrough solution for businesses selling recurring revenue products and services through channels. Aria’s Unified Channel

Billing provides end-to-end cloud billing for business partnerships with multiple levels of complexity. All the advantages of a recurring revenue strategy are now available for channel businesses, exclusively from Aria Systems.Historically, a gap has persisted between recurring revenue businesses and channel selling. Channel businesses typically rely on CRM type solutions to facilitate partnerships with wholesalers, distributors, ISVs, VARs, and other resellers, but this approach has tended to be tactical and oriented towards individual transactions. As companies increasingly strive to develop strategic ongoing relationships with their partners and end-customers, channel businesses face many difficulties in building scalable recurring revenue streams.

"As companies transition to offering cloud subscription services, one of the challenges that they often face is enabling their partner and reseller network to sell subscription-based offerings," said Amy Konary, Research VP at IDC. "Aria’s Unified Channel Billing helps address the needs of channel-focused companies."

With Aria’s Unified Channel Billing, the entire billing process up and down each channel is automatically managed, controlled, monitored, and reported for each entity in the chain. Suppliers gain full transparency for billing in the downstream direction. Concurrently, resellers can anonymize data in upstream reporting to retain control of their proprietary customer and pricing information. Unified Channel Billing provides the resilience to support long term-channels as well as the flexibility to quickly adapt to short term opportunities.