LogMeIn Announces Long-Awaited Channel Program for Cloud App Services

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ElevateThis morning, LogMeIn unveiled its channel partner program, which is designed to help MSPs, VARs and other outsourced IT providers help capitalize on

the increasing shift to cloud-based apps and employee-introduced technology.

The new program, which will be known as LogMeIn Elevate, will give channel partners new ways for managing users across devices that blur work and personal lines, as well as across cloud-based apps and related data that span this myriad of devices. The channel program will also open the doors to resell LogMeIn’s cloud collaboration apps, like join.me and Cubby, giving MSPs, VARs and IT service providers new ways to establish and grow client relationships.

As a result of the new channel partner program, partners can better address the management realities of today’s cloud-centric workplace, build stronger relationships with their clients, expand their portfolio, boost margins, and create new revenue streams.

According to a press release issued by LogMeIn, the Elevate partner program will be focused on helping IT professionals redefine their strategic role in what has become a cloud-centric work environment. It will be rolled out in two phases; the initial phase will help IT service providers create new, high-margin remote management and support services around a growing mix of employer-introduced and employee-introduced devices. A second phase, expected to be rolled out later this year, will introduce a reseller program for LogMeIn’s collaboration and productivity app, as well as 3rd party cloud app management capabilities through a channel-focused version of LogMeIn’s new IT offering, AppGuru.

The channel program, which will initially be rolled out to North American service providers, with international expansion expected later in the year, will be led by Ted Roller, the company’s VP of channel development. As a 20-year veteran of the channel, Roller, who was most recently known for building and enhancing Intronis’ channel program before joining LogMeIn late last year, has first-hand knowledge of what today’s VARs and MSPs need to be successful; he once held leadership roles as both and MSP and VAR as well with a variety of software vendors.

“When talking to today’s MSPs and IT service providers, almost all of them are looking for ways to shift their future portfolio toward the needs of cloud-centric businesses – and with that, change the focus of management from networks and devices to users and apps. The goal of our channel program will be simple: Give service providers the tools, education, marketing support they need to accelerate this transition,” said Ted Roller, LogMeIn’s VP of channel development. “With a proven track record amongst channel providers and the right mix of products and expertise, we believe we’re in a unique position to help MSPs and VARs deliver tomorrow’s highly profitable services, today.”

To get a bit more granular on the channel program, I spent some time chatting with Roller yesterday afternoon. He and I recently met up at the ASCII event in Atlantic City, NJ, but since this announcement was under embargo, he couldn’t yet divulge any information on LogMeIn’s new channel partner strategy with me. Having been involved with this industry for about 6 years, I was already familiar with LogMeIn’s offerings and products, but I had never really been privy much to their relationships with the channel, until of course Roller joined last year.
To clarify, LogMeIn always had dealings with VARs and MSPs as customers, but not a formal channel partner program in place per se. It’s safe to say that one of the main reasons why Roller was hired by LogMeIn was for his expertise and industry knowledge that was needed to help the company put a formal channel program in place.

According to Roller, since LogMeIn’s inception 10 years ago, the company had been working with MSPs and VARs as though they were official channel partners, however there was no formal program in place. The company has done a good job of leveraging its access to products for end users. However, Roller said, when LogMein looked up and saw that there is a significant portion here that’s driving the cloud and productivity. “It became evident from an SMB standpoint that we needed to step up to the plate as a company and make these VARs and MSPs more as partners rather than customers,” Roller said.

While the new Elevate channel program will have major components such as education, marketing and sales, all rolled into one cohesive offering, Roller said that one of the components, he is very excited about is being able to allow partners to offer excellent tech support. “As we move forward and drive cloud-based deliverables, we want to be able to actively support our partners, and we have built a dedicated support team to specifically address channel partner needs,” he said. “This is the first formal effort to put together a channel program that is really designed around the partner.”

Bottom line is that LogMeIn “just works.” Roller reminded me of something that occurred during his colleague Shannon Kohn’s (LogMeIn’s Channel Engagement Manager) session at ASCII, when she asked if any current LogMeIn customers in the audience to volunteer their thoughts on what they like best about LogMeIn. One partner kept it short and sweet. He said: “It just works!” “That is what I have heard since I got here,” Roller told me. “MSPs feel they can trust LogMeIn because it has a long tradition of working.”

The details of LogMeIn Elevate are as follows for MSPs, VARs and IT service providers who sign up for the program:

· VIP monthly pricing on LogMeIn’s remote support solution, LogMeIn Rescue, giving them options to deliver higher margin services to support users and cloud app usage across personal or work PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.

· Discounts on LogMeIn’s collaboration apps, join.me and Cubby.

· Early access to AppGuru*, LogMeIn’s cloud app management solution, giving them the ability to manage users and policies across cloud apps, no matter where they are accessed or used.

· Early entry into LogMeIn’s app reseller program, giving them new ways help clients boost employee productivity while creating new revenue streams and expanding revenue per client.

· Marketing support to help create and sell new managed services.

· Access to LogMeIn’s product and development organizations to influence future channel product offerings.

· Dedicated tech support to quickly resolve issues.

· Channel-specific education to accelerate ROI.