MSP Firm TechSquad IT Adds Dropbox for Business to its Technology Services Platform

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TechSquad LogoTechSquad IT, is now offering, as part of its technology services platform, Dropbox for Business to its SMB customer base.

By adding Dropbox

for Business to its selection of technology services, the Milwaukee-based MSP will now be able to provide its SMB clients with file sharing and collaboration tools that will help streamline and organize their daily business processes. Utilized currently by more than 2 million businesses, Dropbox for Business is known for its ability to automatically back up data so that it is available anywhere at any time from any device. In addition, Dropbox for Business keeps important data safe so that it may be shared securely with team members, as well as giving the ability to access older versions of any type of document, and restoring previously deleted files.In order to offer Dropbox for Business to its SMB customers, TechSquad IT recently joined the Dropbox Partner Network, which allows the MSP to resell, manage and support its Dropbox for Business offerings tailored to its SMB clients’ specific and unique needs. In addition, as a Dropbox Partner Network member, TechSquad IT has access to the Dropbox Reseller Portal, which includes training, sales and marketing materials, and the ability for the MSP to manage teams on behalf of its clients.

“We are very excited to be able to offer Dropbox for Business to our SMB end user clients, so that they can further streamline their business processes by implementing a file sharing and collaboration tool that is cutting-edge and unique from that of its competitors,” said Chris Wiser, Founder and CEO, TechSquad IT. “Also, as a member of the Dropbox Partner Network, I now have access to additional tools, resources and staffing, all while not affecting my revenues and/or bottom line, so that I can instead focus on helping my SMB customers on how to increase their own revenues and bottom line.”