AVG Integrates LPI’s Managed Workplace Platform into AVG Cloud Care

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AVGMWLogoToday at a launch event in New York City, AVG Technologies today announced the first AVG CloudCare service module will be integrated within

AVG Managed WorkPlace since AVG acquired the business of LPI Level Platforms in June.The new integrated AVG CloudCare Managed Workplace service module will give MSPs the ability to remotely monitor their customers’ device security measures from within a single dashboard and readily identify where protection is missing or inadequate. As a result partners are able to make more of their customers’ devices secure and ensure their IT environment is better protected as a whole.

Features and benefits for MSPs of the new AVG CloudCare Service Module include:

- At-a-glance insight into the health of any AVG CloudCare client device including status of the AVG AntiVirus service and AVG Content Filtering service; Version of the services installed; version of antivirus definitions on each device; and the last date and time that the definitions were updated.

- A view of any Managed Workplace devices without an AVG CloudCare client installed and therefore the number of devices that could potentially be vulnerable to infection.

- Ability to scan devices for possible infections and update AVG AntiVirus definitions on those devices, opening up remediation opportunities for partners.

- Clearly see the number of threats detected at a multi-site (multiple customers), site (one customer) and device level for an aggregated view of customer environments.

- Simple enable/disable of AVG AntiVirus and AVG Content Filtering services.

- Links to the AVG CloudCare dashboard for reports and advanced management make it easier for partners to perform advanced AVG CloudCare management activities.

- Summary of AVG AntiVirus Windows Events (last 7 days) for a customer site collected by Managed Workplace.

- Alerts generated in Managed Workplace for threats detected, out-of-date virus definitions detected and more serve as useful triggers for remediation activities.