Maui MSP Needs HELP! Calling the MSP Navy NOW!

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The SMB Nation community has done it once (New Orleans – Hurricane Katrina) and we’ve done it twice (Houston – Hurricane Harvey). It’s time to dispatch the MSP Navy with resources to help long-time SMB Nation member Ulrich Kirkegaard. He has lost everything this week including his home and business in Lahaina, Maui.

Kirkegaard shared the following with me in an email exchange earlier today.

“Unfortunately, our house and our business have burned down – as the entire historic Lahaina Town has burned to the ground due to a rapid uncontrollable wildfire.

We are safe and away from the smoke and fire, we walked back yesterday to see it and ouch the entire town, neighborhoods, buildings, cars etc. are burned to the ground. It incomprehensible the effect this will have on Maui island as a whole; Lahaina town was a big draw – now it needs to be rebuilt which will take years.

Meanwhile we cope with the situation, recovering from the loss – we are staying at friends in another town for now, but as this new reality sets in we are struggling both emotionally and financially with the aftermath. It will likely take years to recover – and rebuild our house.

As for business I will relocate and rebuild but many customers have also lost everything so its really hard to tell what lies ahead.”


official office365 cycling team pic1 2016 SMB Nation Conference


Figure 1: Ulrich Kirkegaard (far upper right above myself and Astro) was a member of the Office 365 Cycling Team after the 2016 Fall Conference that raced around Bainbridge Island, WA!

Kirkegaard and his family have set-up a GoFundMe personal fundraiser HERE and he’s a GREAT INVESTMENT so please give as your are able. Even $1 moves the needle and shows positive momentum. Everything helps everything.

Time to do it again folks. That’s why we’re a community.