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Key Senior Executives to Support Company Growth

San Diego, California--DattoCon– June 18, 2019 - (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Datto Inc., the leading global provider of IT solutions delivered through the managed service provider (MSP) channel, announced several key leadership positions. To help guide the company along its path of continued global growth, Datto has appointed a new Chief Sales Officer, Managing Director of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and Customer Experience Officer (CXO).

This is your invitation to play in our Amazon HQ2 guessing game. Please vote and we'll publish the results shortly. As you know, Amazon is searching for a second locaiton for a second HQ to be built out over the next decade. It reportedly host up to 50,000 workers. It's an interesting strategy to have a split management team. I suspect it's to create internal competition and allow the cream to rise to the top. Not sure it's the SMB Nation way but each to their own. 


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SMB Nation Consulting Services


With the amazing SMB Nation “TEAM JENNY” management group in-place, Harry is now available again for management consulting engagements.

Please e-mail Harry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a confidential discovery call to see how he can help solve your problems and challenges.

  • Philosophy: “I’m interested in engagements where I help solve business problems triggered by the industry-wide disruptions caused by Office 365 and cloud computing. If you are asking ‘What do we do now?' and are concerned about pivoting to new business models, I’m your guy! Hire me to help navigate uncharted Office 365 waters. Together we can capitalize on chaos.”
  • Clients: ISVs, OEMs, Vendors, Distributors, Hosters, Sponsors, MSPs
  • Niche: Office 365 and other technology-based disruption matters
  • Travel: Yes – Bring Harry to your site.
  • Services Offered: Defined on a case-by-case basis including advisory services, Go To Market (GTM), workshops, business plans, analysis, project management, training and unique engagement models (including re-orgs). No pre-defined “kits,” as this consulting delivery model concerns services where the Office 365 paradigm is being defined and the roadmap is being created.
  • Not: A marketing kit reseller, business coach, or a checklist-based program.
  • Approach: With two ears and one mouth, Harry uses those gifts in proper proportion.
  • Confidentiality and Discretion: Absolutely.
  • Expertise: Well-connected with the Office 365 team, Harry has worked with Office 365 since the early Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) group in 2008. See Harry’s extensive professional background at LinkedIn for more information: www.linkedin.com/in/harryb/
  • Wins!:
    1. Microsoft Office 365 team support options survey.
    2. ISV product strategy (AttachedApps).
    3. Office 365 focus groups with distributors, MSPs, resellers, ISVs in Australia and Brazil.
    4. Security ISV product position advice vis-à-vis Office 365.
    5. Office 365 lead generation for Office 365 migration ISV.
    6. Produced world’s first independent Office 365 conference (Fall 2014).
    7. Launched O365nation.com community portal with curated content and expert analysis.
    8. Advisory services to a niche SPLA Office 365 hoster developing a reseller channel program.
    9. Advisory services to hybrid server OEM on North America market entry strategy
    10. and many more confidential wins!


 “We engaged Harry to help us define our Office 365 product mix, pricing model and Go To Market strategy.
                    His efforts have been instrumental Dave-Waldropoperationally and in our investment decisions. Highly recommended.” 
Dave Waldrop, President, AttachedApps



"As we moved into phase II of our channel program – to expand across the US – we knew we needed support. We engaged Harry Brelsford to assist in developing the strategy, generating leads and coordinating events. We’re very satisfied with the results of our engagement. Harry is professional, seasoned and easy to work with. He is always reliable and each milestone has been met."
- Grant Thompson, Solutions Architect, MG Technology Group

I Love Work!
By Harry Brelsford

Where to begin. Early on, I was the “business kid” in grade school through high school. That continues to today with my continued pursuit for work that marries business and technology. And of how it’s changed from my first Apple II+ with a Hayes 14.4k modem connecting from my college apartment to a centralized VAX computer. Or has it really changed? In this blog, I’ll explore Work 3.0. and point you to some amazing resources.

Full Circle

Above I’m both dating and telling on myself as I’m alluding to time sharing. Imagine the idea of having the heavy lifting occurring in a data center and you could work from anywhere with a thin client? Your applications were hosted and your data was safe. That was timesharing where I started my career in computing. With the emergence of the PC and client/server computing, certainly those days were gone forever. The “local” in Local Area Network (LAN) loosely translates in GeekSpeak to “within these four walls”, and that was the development paradigm of our beloved Small Business Server. It created a generation of commuters who believed in server gods and gurus at work. You thought nothing of driving to work.

But then a back to the future phenomenon emerged at the start of the Great Recessions when the Internet was validated as a secure tool (thanks Salesforce) and IT was used to save money with mobility. Just yesterday I was using a thin client (Google Chrome on a USB stick) working with Salesforce online with my mobile phone held to my left ear, while I listened to a conference call via a headset hooked up to a VoIP desk phone. And all the while working from my home office (I’ve upgraded from my college apartment!).

What does this before-and-after storytelling mean? I’m telling the exact same story. Timesharing is cloud computing. Period.

You’ll Feel Like You Are Talking to Yourself (You Are!)

I’ve thought a lot recently about the nature of modern work. How has technology changed the way we work? Over the years I’ve written blogs about office sharing schemes like Regus locations (remember my week in Istanbul in the Spring of 2014?) to online labor markets (remember our use of WorkMarket in the late 2013/early 2014 timeframe with Windows XP migrations?) to our giving up our office space when our commercial lease expired (see my February 2015 blog). But I had never crystalized my thoughts about modern work into a single missive. And that frustrated me.

Fortunately, I bumped into an amazing report titled “WORK 3.0 – The Next Generation Model for Smarter Business.” I felt like I was talking to myself. Over a dozen pages, remote offices, portfolio careers, and the human cloud revolution are explored. I’ve posted the report HERE so you can download it, read it and motivate on it. Let me know what you think?

Imagine the immense possibilities of working with a team that possesses these traits.

By Marcel Schwantes Principal and founder, Leadership From the Core

CREDIT: Getty Images
In a recent report, top human resources officers from global companies were asked what they see as the 10 job skills required by the year 2020 for workers to thrive.

One of those critical skills for success that made the top 10 list? Wait for it ... emotional intelligence.

According to emotional intelligence (E.I.) experts, E.I. has become an important predictor of job success, surpassing technical ability. In 2011, a CareerBuilder survey of more than 2,600 U.S. hiring managers and human resources professionals revealed that 71 percent valued emotional intelligence in an employee over a high IQ.

What to Look for in People With High Emotional Intelligence
If you're looking to work in a high-performing tribe of people with E.I, or build your own E.I. superpower culture, you need to know some of the key behaviors that show up in its five tenets of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.

1. Look for people who show up with their true selves.
Transparency is a hot commodity in the relationship economy. Sometimes the tendency is for employees and bosses to hide, withdraw, stonewall, or put on the mask of false charisma or dictatorship to avoid tough situations or conflict. And that mask hides who we truly are as we order people around or forcefully command attention. In teams that thrive, you'll find people showing up with raw authenticity. It's leading in conversations and interactions with your mind and your heart, during good times and bad. You show up with:

Emotional honesty
A great attitude
An openness to feedback
A self-awareness of not only your feelings, but of those of others in your sphere of influence
2. Look for resilient people who display flexibility.
Priorities shift in almost every company and every job. Surround yourself with people who are flexible during change and will jump on every opportunity to help during a transition. They have the flexibility to deal with uncertain and unpredictable situations--a hallmark of true E.I. You also want to be around people with resilient minds. They deal in the factual (what's really true) and the here and now, and leave the ghosts of their past in the past. The most resilient people recover from bad situations by saying no to anyone who interferes with their goals and schedules, and especially their values and beliefs. Resilient people don't allow themselves to feel guilty about things that have nothing to do with them. They know they are not responsible for the actions and drama of others, and they never beat themselves up for something someone else did.

3. Look for people who manage their emotions better than most.
This falls under self-management (or self-regulation) in emotional intelligence and is a personal competence found in most high-performing teams. The question behind self-management is simple but rare: Can I manage my emotions and behavior to a positive outcome? Internationally known psychologist and best-selling author Daniel Goleman says this about people with manage their emotions well:

Reasonable people--the ones who maintain control over their emotions--are the people who can sustain safe, fair environments. In these settings, drama is very low and productivity is very high. Top performers flock to these organizations and are not apt to leave them.


This is test.

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