White Papers: Case Study: Carbonite Gives Reseller a Chance to Play Hero

Title:      Case Study: Carbonite Gives Reseller a Chance to Play Hero
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In this case study, you’ll learn why Corvallis Technical, a managed IT services provider, recommends and resells Carbonite cloud backup to their clients. Corvallis’ owner, Benjamin Brewster reveals that he chose to offer Carbonite for its ease-of-use, flexibility with multiple technology configurations and affordability, amongst other things. "Carbonite has become a great profit maker for us," he says. "Customers like the continuity they get with continuous backup, and it means that we can provide more continuous, regular service."

Carbonite is now being used by about 60 of Corvallis’ clients, and is even helping one company to restore their data and get back up in running in just 36 hours after a major data disaster. To learn more, please read the full case study.