Microsoft 365 API Integration for Managed Cloud SIEM Platform

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Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners are now able to fully access and utilize the tremendous amounts of powerful security data in Microsoft 365 with the release of SOCManaged Detection and Response coverage. This integration allows monitoring and alerting on Azure AD, Excel, Outlook/Exchange, OneDrive, OneNote, SharePoint, Planner and more; all through a single security integration into SOCSoter’s Managed Cloud SIEM platform.

Business account takeover poses a real threat to any organization and owing to the amount of people currently working remotely, that risk is now exponentially increased. Users working from home are operating outside the corporate edge, making them more susceptible to malicious phishing attempts or to engage in bad practices like password sharing. Because traditional security controls may no longer catch leading indicators of an attack, now is a critical time to push these security controls into the cloud. Being able to observe and detect activity on the cloud side of users’ interactions is crucial in spotting potential breaches or immediately stopping unauthorized access.
The risks don’t just stop at account takeover. Potentially malicious activities such as infrequent country, impossible travel, unusual file sharing, download or deletion, user impersonation and strange inbox forwarding rules are all indicators that should warrant investigation. If you are not looking at the data, you will never know it’s happening.

SOCSoter has positioned this cloud monitoring service so that MSPs can extend this capability to small and medium-sized businesses with pricing even the smallest organization can afford. Having this level of monitoring and alerting for Microsoft services will help provide MSPs with the peace of mind that their customers’ cloud infrastructure is fully secure.

Alissa Stanton, Customer Success Manager at SOCSoter had this to say regarding the new Microsoft 365 cloud monitoring capability, “We are receiving a great response from our customers that are implementing the Microsoft 365 integration and it is quickly becoming the gold standard for cloud monitoring. Having eyes on the cloud gives our customers the confidence that their accounts are safe which, essentially, means their company is safe.”