On the Road: GDPR and Security One Year Later (Dublin, Ireland)

Analytics/ Analysis


It’s been almost a year since the GDPR regulations kicked in and Larry Doyle, long-time managed services provider and Microsoft 365 Nation contributor, shares a very interesting update.

Today Europeans are seeing the effect of GDPR 10+ months later, which is not a surprise as business behavior tends to lags regulatory and compliance deadlines (for example, I share the time lag in the tech community *after* the April 14, 2014 deadline for Windows XP support).

Doyle double-clicks down into how businesses are trying to secure and protect data – it’s all about what are the biggest priorities in the GDPR long-tail. Plus a tip of the hat to Windows 10 growth and BitLocker encryption round out this conversation that, at its core, is focused on GDRP compliance.



Larry GDPR