We’re back on short notice with DD Dasgupta, Vice President, Marketing, SMB Products at Cisco to double-click into how Cisco has a unique end-to-end secure solution for remote workers. Take Cisco security expertise and then add WebEx and you get the picture. Listen to this interview HERE for the dets.

I have a simple question: Would you rather be an entrepreneur or an employee right now?

My answer is simple – I’d rather be an entrepreneur. There are a lot of reasons to this.

Long-time SMB Nation member Wayne Turmel is always one step ahead. You’ll recall Turmel worked extensively with us about a decade ago helping up improve the quality of our weekly webinar and coaching our guests to be better presenters (at his old company GreatWebMeetings.com).

Esteemed long-time SMB Nation contributor Joshua Liberman safely joins us from Alberque New Mexico after we had a meetup at the ChanelPro SMB Dallas event. We discuss a few lost shows such as Channel Partners and the CompTIA membership meetings. Liberman speculates that there will be a

It’s a look back at the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic when the decision was made on short notice to cancel the popular South-by-Southwest (SxSW) festival stranding 400,001 people (Harry is the “one”). What interest in this segment with Kevin hunter on TechTuesday (produced by Northwest Digital News)

Contributor Phelmin Rowe joins us from the UK to talk about “what’s next” for the MSP. He frames it up as a term he coined called “extinction events.” The conversation meanders into whether an MSP should be a specialist or generalist.

Wanna participate in one of the hottest opportunities for MSPs in the roaring 20s? Then discover our two-day ONLINE conference streaming June 1-2, 2020 HERE focused on the cannabis vertical.

Ten subject matter experts in the cannabis technology field will walk you through the seed-to-sale cannabis supply chain

 Esteemed analyst Frank Ohlhorst updates us on recent conferences that he’s covered including NetApp over in London. Listen intently as Ohlhorst educates us on NetApp, an ISV that isn’t commonly thought of in the SMB Nation Managed

Analyst and contributor Josh Liberman peeks at upcoming events *and* provides a recap on the recent Auvik event in mid-January. He speaks towards Auvik’s efforts as a “first time show” including