Microsoft Small Business Server

This ready guide to Microsoft's Small Business Server 2008 (SBS) product, now part of the Windows Essential Server Solutions family, is grounded in the real world and based on practical experience. As your blueprint, this book teaches you the SBS way! By using a structured deployment methodology and completing the step-by-step procedures, you will set up a secure SBS 2008 network for a sample small business the perfect way to properly implement SBS 2008.

This introductory/intermediate volume allows you to gain competency as an SBSer in: Windows Server 2008 Exchange Server 2007 Third-party security solutions: firewall, anti-virus, and more Remote Web Workplace SQL Server 2008 Windows SharePoint Services Faxing SBS 2008 administration and troubleshooting SBS Consoles Monitoring SBS 2008 Office Live and other hosted components Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual SBS 2008 tasks. You will also learn how to centrally control and manage Windows Vista and Windows XP desktops. Blueprint Pathways. Follow these fundamental blueprint paths to insure maximum SBS 2008 success using the content in this book: Plan, deploy, configure, and customize SBS 2008 using a tested methodology Support collaboration between workers Implement and encourage the use of remote working and mobility Protect the SBS 2008 network from security threats Back up and protect data using native and third-party tools Encourage and foster better communications with e-mail based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Automate management by using Group Policy Objects.

Chapter Description

SECTION ONE: SMALL BUSINESS SERVER 2008 DEPLOYMENT 1. Welcome to SBS 2008 2. Small Business Server 2008 Design and Planning 3. Small Business Server 2008 Installation 4. Introduction to the SBS Consoles 5. SBS 2008 Deployment Small Business Server 2008 Photo Essay

SECTION TWO: EXTENDING SMALL BUSINESS SERVER 2008 6. Standard Security in SBS 2008 7. Messaging with Exchange Server 2007 and Outlook 2007 8. Collaboration with Windows SharePoint Services 9. Mobility and Remote Connectivity 10. Faxing and Print 11. Internet and the Web (RWW, Office Live)

SECTION THREE: SMALL BUSINESS SERVER 2008 ADMINISTRATION 12. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Tasks 13. Monitoring Small Business Server 2008

SECTION FOUR: SMALL BUSINESS SERVER 2008 ADVANCED TOPICS 14. Advanced Security 15. Small Business Server 2008 Premium Edition (LOB, SQL) Front Matter Index Appendix A: SBS Resources Appendix Z: Book Configurations Back Cover Test Important Small Business Server 2008 Blueprint is written from a strong, third-party viewpoint. This independent view insures you get the straight story on the popular SBS product, now in its 5th major release as the 2008 version. You also benefit from the author s broader SBS 2008 ecosystem conversation, which allows you to make the best decisions when you supplement your SBS 2008 network with third-party security, managed services and monitoring solutions.

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Advanced Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices

This 1,075-page advanced SBS 2003 text was written by over a dozen leading SBSers, each with specific technical niche expertise. Delve deeply into SBS-specific applications and technologies in these chapters:

1 Introduction and Planning
2 Hardware
3 Licensing
4 Advanced Setup and Deployment
5 Third-party Tools for Advanced SBS Administration
6 Exchange Server 2003: Advanced Topics
7 Windows SharePoint Services: Advanced Topics
8 Remote Web Workplace: Advanced Topics
9 SQL Server 2000: Advanced Topics
10 Advanced Faxing
11 Advanced SBS Security: Part 1: General
12 Advanced SBS Security: Part 2: ISA 2004
13 Advanced Monitoring
14 Disaster Recovery
15 Migration

This is the book that flies faster, further and higher than any other previous SBS book in product history. When you register your book using the handy sign-up form (back of book), you will receive the PDF-based e-book copy (registered owners only). Readers are already reporting that this book pays for its cover price many times over with saved time and effort!

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SMB Consulting Best Practices

This book serves the small and medium business (SMB) technology consultant seeking to make a great living as a professional service provider. Focused more on the "business" side than the "bits" side, it's all about: * Not only surviving but thriving as an SMB consultant by cultivating a superior portfolio of top flight customers with appropriate, effective and efficient business development approaches.

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Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices

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Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Small Business Server 4.5 in 21 Days

Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Small Business Server in 21 Days, gives the reader a hands-on guide to installing and managing Microsoft's Small Business Server (SBS) product. SBS is designed for the small business and contains many unique components and management tools. The introduction and success of SBS surprised many in several ways. Consultants and VARs have struggled with the SBS paradigm of performing all actions via the SBS management console. Windows NT Server professionals commonly error by treating SBS just like big BackOffice, a fatal mistake. Small business owners and staff, seduced by Microsoft's "just add water" SBS marketing message, are surprised at the on-going maintenance requirements of SBS. And few books and outside resources exist to guide consultants, VARs, small business owners and staff alike on their SBS journey. With step-by-step instructions based on real-world experience, Harry Brelsford will take the reader through all of the stages of installing and maintaining their SBS installations. Along the way, Harry will keep the reader on the right track and out of the many pitfalls that spell disaster for the user.

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