New Business Is Everyone’s Business

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bob vogel augustBy Bob Vogel, B2Marketing

Just because you’re reading a newsletter called “GeekSpeak” doesn’t excuse you from being responsible and accountable

for selling.

In the last service company that I ran, we had a saying: “New business is everyone’s business.” Yes, as the CEO, I brought in most of the new clients. But everyone on my staff knew that they were also company ambassadors, and that I expected them to always be “pitching” our company to people who they knew and met.

I knew that my staff had no formal training in sales and marketing, so I always made it a point to expose them to articles and webinars that would make them more comfortable with the process.

If you’re an IT service “geek,” you’re probably in the same boat. That’s why I’m recommending that you take 15 minutes and listen to a great little recorded presentation by noted sales guru, Gil Cargill.

Gil was the guest speaker at a recent webinar hosted by RapidFire Tools, Inc., makers of the Network Detective… the world’s leading non-invasive IT assessment tool. During this brief presentation, Gil delivers a ton of tips on how to get prospects to say, “Yes,” every time you make a pitch.

He explains how to make sure your prospects know the “cost of saying no” to your proposals, and describes the difference between a “Telling” proposal and a “Selling” proposal.

Here’s the link to the video landing page:

I suggest that you click-through even if you don’t have the time view the video now; you can book-mark it and watch it when you have 15 minutes.