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Legislation and regulations are consistently changing.    With IT being a hot topic,   many believe that regulation and legislation are coming to the MSP community.  Rayanne Buchianico has joined forces with Karl Palachuk and many other IT professionals, to get involved and influence legislators to transform the industry into a profession.

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Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:05 

Hey SMB Nation Harry here with a long horn hat on because I didn't take a shower yet. still living in Zoom world here with Rayanne. That's too much information.

Rayanne Buchianico  0:15 

I was just thinking that, you know, that's that's information I probably did not need today. But that's all right. Good to see you.

Harry Brelsford  0:21 

Good to see us. So you had a LinkedIn post that you joined the board? I'll let you name the organization Karl Palachuk is started a new organization, What's the name? What's going on? What's the mission?

Rayanne Buchianico  0:35 

Okay, so we have the National Society of IT Service Providers. And the idea of that is to turn it service providers from, you know, a job or, you know, into a true profession. Okay. So what we're trying to do is really step up the game. Right? Now, here's what's going on Harry, and this is no surprise that it service providers are being held to a standard and that standards never been defined. And they are being sued, and they're being sued for millions of dollars. And, and there's no specific guidance. And if we don't, you know, if we don't help the lawmakers come up with that guidance, they're going to make it up for us. And that's never a good thing. So that's really what we're trying to do is we're trying to start the conversation with the lawmakers and the people in charge, you know, and and say, We are an organization, you know, and we are trying to step up the professionalism of IT service providers around the US.

Harry Brelsford  1:38 

And how, how will you do this? I mean, you know, if, if I were an attorney, I could say, after pass the bar exam and join the Bar Association, so what, what do you think of the mechanics might be here?

Rayanne Buchianico  1:50 

Right. So, you know, and that's exactly the point, if accountants are, you know, have the AI CPA and the attorneys have the American Bar Association. I mean, hairdressers have to be licensed, right? Currently, anybody can just say, I can fix computers, I'm an I'm an IT service provider, you know, and maybe they can fix computers, and maybe they do a fine job. But what we're really talking about is maybe setting some standards, you know, for cybersecurity, and these are the rules that, you know, the these are the standards, not necessarily the rules. We're not trying to regulate anybody, but we're trying to set a standard to say, Hey, I'm, I'm an educated professional, I take my, you know, my continuing education every year, I'm up on the latest and greatest of all of this cyber happenings. And you can trust me, and that's what we're really trying to do. How do we start this conversation? That's the big question. Right? So right now the society is in its infancy, or we need volunteers, we need committees. We need people to join committees, and so that we can start to get the word out, start reaching out to the insurance companies, the lawmakers, you know, and anybody who's going to listen to us at this point.

Harry Brelsford  3:13 

Yeah, yeah. A couple of thoughts. One is, make, make a note. Actually, I'll connect you on LinkedIn. Joseph Danielson, long time, you know, computer guy for lack of a better word, MSP out in New Jersey is in what would be the New Jersey assembly, um, you know, we'd call it a state senator state house. But he's been in office since 2014. So here's, you know, here's the one guy that you know, decades of computer service delivery. And he's a lawmaker approaching eight years in office. So he's, you know, becoming fairly senior. I'll make a note to connect you on LinkedIn.

Rayanne Buchianico  3:55 

Harry, thank you.

Harry Brelsford  3:57 

Yeah, yeah. And then, you know, the other thing that brings back memory to two final thoughts on my site, it brings back the memories of the whole  MCSE, or certification era. And that was one dimension of trying to make us professional and I think they, in some cases, had to drop the word engineer. Because, you know, there's like a civil engineer has to pass an exam and do this, that and the other and an mcse wasn't really being treated the same way. It's like a civil engineer from a compliance and licensing point of view. And then the other thing was, there was a group I've lost touch with them years ago, but the NPA network professional association, gentleman and a San Diego ran it for a couple decades. And they were trying to do that. So you know, maybe well you know that I work with you in the group and we can kind of reverse engineer what their success As was or maybe where they weren't as successful. So hopefully we'll get this one across the finish line.

Rayanne Buchianico  5:07 

And thank you very much for your for support, your support and helping us you know, with whatever you can do so we do appreciate it. And, and if anybody out there once to get more information because, National Society of IT service providers, So, join us come help, we could use all the help in the world.

Harry Brelsford  5:36 

All right, we'll get that in the blog below. final final question. Is there a fee to join?

Rayanne Buchianico  5:42 

So we have a free membership and we have a paid membership? Okay. No. So anybody that wants to join? No, just to join in the forces absolutely joined. There's no cost. You know, if you went to kick a few dollars to help us defray some costs, we really do appreciate it.

Harry Brelsford  6:01 

Alrighty, okay. Thanks. Thanks, Rayanne.

Rayanne Buchianico  6:04 

Thanks, Harry.

Harry Brelsford  6:11 

All right. I think we're