Our professor in disguise and leading analyst Alex Fields (Success Computer Consulting, Minneapolis, MN) is back with the real deal: Azure Active Directory. This is a very important segment as Azure is quickly emerging as a trending topic for 2020

Ken “The Virus Doctor” Dwight from Houston Texas double-clicks into something we’ve discussed before – the bad guys are targeting MSPs as a channel to a customer portfolio. Dwight offers little known facts about the Texas MSP

Security expert Josh Freifield from Southern California shares his passion on two topics: security and community. He’s recently joined Microsoft 365 Nation as a contributor. His managed services provider (MSP) firm focuses on security at the enterprise-level and small-and-medium business (SMB).

This month, contributor Frank Ohlhorst brings value by discussing how revamped industry certifications are again adding value for stakeholders. He touches on Cisco, CompTIA and even Microsoft revamped “MCSE” and successor certifications. The


IT Pro Michael Jenkin shares top insights concerning security in a 365 world. Trends include malware trends included target phishing. Jenkin shares this is 100% targeting knowing things only you would know like your favorite wine (hint: your Facebook posts tell all to hackers).

We caught a busy Pat Hurley, VP and GM at Acronis, who claims the Americans beat the Europeans in an early morning soccer match. Hurley declares “backup is dead” and Hurley wants to have partners think of a complete Acronis solution, not

I’m attending the Acronis Global Cyber Summit, and I received a ping from SMB Nation member Brian J. Weiss. He asked why doesn’t the Acronis solution set have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in the product

Long-time MSP and technology professional in the Seattle-region, Sid Herron offers comments on why security matters. He is an expert in VDI and remote/virtual desktop computing. When Herron speaks, people listen and so should you!

This month, Lisa Hendrickson (CallThatGirl) provides an update on her reinvention journey. In a prior segment, we spoke with Lisa about life changes as she returned to her home region to attend graduate school and put

We caught up with a real do’er and go getter in Jeffrey Graves at a recent IT conference in Seattle. Graves is out there doing security every way every day – very impressive.

Continuum’s senior vice president for global service delivery Tasos Tsolakis is my second thinking man to profile from the recent Navigate 19 conference in Pittsburgh. And while we could talk about his advanced degree from a

My exclusive 1:1 with Continuum CEO Michael George at Navigate 2019 started with George literally offering me the jacket off his back. Yes – there is a backstory to this. At the Navigate 2017 conference in Las Vegas, I noticed how well dressed the executives and attendees were, and being Seattle casual,