We are back with The Virus Doctor Ken Dwight to discuss what’s going on with the new normal and his break fix business. He goes on to tell us that things are back to usual, people are starting to venture out, and now needing to set up some remote work stations to go on vacation.

Last week we introduced the National Cristina Foundation to you HERE and taking your (older/unused) hardware assets and doing said stuff to be cleaned, secured, repaired if necessary and redeployed to underserved populations

Tampa-based Vince Gabel is back in the technology saddle after a brief pause. Days before the pandemic hit head-on, Gabel joined a financial services firm in the technology area. Almost from day one he has been busy getting employees to work from

Say what you must but Frank Ohlhorst and the SMB Nation staff have worked remotely for years, so that’s something we’re familiar with (but we’re both bored for some reason). The interesting thing about this podcast was that because of global demand for online conferencing (GotToMeeting, Zoom, etc.)

People often ask if Seattle is expensive. Yes. My reply is yes – it is. The follow-up is often “what does that mean?”  I offer economic babble about Amazon-driven job growth, housing, we’re land-locked between ocean and mountains, etc. Such talk tends to cause glazed eyes if not disinterest.

With the second round of Payroll Protection Program (PPP) underway, we investigated how the program is impacting Managed Services Providers (MSP) domestically in the United State (US). One consistent finding was the MSPs who are really Small and Medium Businesses (SMB)

By Gary Audin

MSP revenue growth can occur by acquiring new customers (not easy) or adding new services to the existing customer base.

Today we’re in Dublin, Ireland with analyst Larry Doyle. He shares how the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting his business as well as personal life. What’s cool about this interview is that we stopped his motorcycle in a public park to ring into us and the sound and video quality is amazing.

We’re back on short notice with DD Dasgupta, Vice President, Marketing, SMB Products at Cisco to double-click into how Cisco has a unique end-to-end secure solution for remote workers. Take Cisco security expertise and then add WebEx and you get the picture. Listen to this interview HERE for the dets.

I have a simple question: Would you rather be an entrepreneur or an employee right now?

My answer is simple – I’d rather be an entrepreneur. There are a lot of reasons to this.

Long-time SMB Nation member Wayne Turmel is always one step ahead. You’ll recall Turmel worked extensively with us about a decade ago helping up improve the quality of our weekly webinar and coaching our guests to be better presenters (at his old company GreatWebMeetings.com).