Where to begin? Let’s play the standard who, what, where, when, why and how.

Who – the audience for Smartsheet is primarily IT Pros who work for traditional businesses day-to-day. These attendees would use Smartsheet as part of a job role. Over 60% of the attendees are women (compare to many tech conferences where I believe 90% of the attendees are men).

What – the Smartsheet Engage conference is in it’s second year and doubled in size from 1,000 last year to over 2,000

We are all evolving as MSPs in the channel. Discover how an industry-leading, intuitive marketing solution for small to medium sized business (SMB) that has been offering primarily email marketing as SAAS since 1995 has been radically updated. It might be a great time to see how adding the solution as a VAR tool can help your clients and you grow.

Nowadays, the online market is oversaturated with various businesses. Since many people are online these days, businesses are also moving their operations to the digital world. Not only that, but the digital approach is much more convenient for both companies and consumers. However, new businesses that arrive on the market face certain difficulties and challenges.

The following insights, while intended for nearly any customer-facing business, are tweaked just a tad to have an information technology (IT) twist for those readers running an MSP practice. Here are some of the highlights you can expect from this short learning vid from Harry Brelsford.

Discover eight ways to use the right support tools to take control of your technology practice, your MSP entity, your IT shop. Hosted by long-time IT Pro Harry Brelsford, this educational presentation speaks to channel partners, MSPs and IT Pros seeking to run their own businesses better and thus provide a better customer experience.

The eight ways include:

Bona fide community members will easily recognize our expert legal speaker, Ben Yarbrough, practicing attorney and MSP security ISV. Not only is he back and he’s reloaded his legal talking points that pertain to owning and operating an MSP business practice. If you view running a business as a stool with a few legs (e.g. HR, Sales/Marketing), then you’ll appreciate the legal matters are “one of the legs.”

Live from SolarWinds EmpowerMSP 2018 in Scottsdale AZ, I want to share some left to right visibility from Day One of this annual confab.

National Happy IT Pro Day. SolarWinds MSP deftly created a business holiday that got legs – right out of the “unmarketing” philosophy. This trending event


When disaster strikes, you want to be ready for it.  The best way to do so is to minimize the chances you’ll be hit by a crisis in the first place. But what does that mean, exactly?

A disaster comes in many forms. Maybe a rogue employee decided it would be fun to bring your IT infrastructure crashing down around your ears. Maybe a faulty piece of equipment caused a catastrophic fire. Maybe mother nature just arbitrarily decided that it hates you.

After delivering a rousing keynote at the SolarWinds Empower conference (Scottsdale, AZ), I spent a few minutes with Robert Stephens – the founder of Geek Squad. His speech detailed his journey from bicycling computer repair guy to car-based Geek Squad to its corporate acquisition by Best Buy.

I was more interested in his final speech topic, the Internet of Things (IoT),

With cryptocurrency gaining prominence, have you considered accepting Bitcoin and its ilk?




By: Andrew Medal

Consumers expect businesses to provide ease of use, efficiency and seamless payment processes. That's especially pressing considering that globally, around two-thirds of the population of 52 key countries are expected to own a smartphone in 2018, as documented by Zenith Media.

Watch out old guard PSA and RMM tools – there is a spunky West Coast player in the PSA/RMM market that’s disrupting the East Coast landed gentry. Proof? In this hands-on product review, within one hour even I completed the setup and transacted with a fictitious client. If Harry can do it; you can do it.

But don’t be fooled that SyncroMSP is a simple tool and subject to retaliation from the big two PSA/RMM players as a “light” version (remember the attacks on “Go” a decade ago?). In the review you can download


Every small business needs a business checking account for handling money and processing financial transactions. While many small business checking accounts are similar, some providers have lower fee structures or introductory offers that are better than others. We looked at a range of options and compared them to identify the 10 best small business checking account providers.