Future MSPs: Solutions, Not Products!

Business Speak

In this recent interview with Joel Maloff, Senior Vice President – Strategic Alliances/Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) at PHONE.COM, after proper introductions we give a tip of the hat to the good old days of being in IT service provider (organic customer referrals, could do it all yourself, etc.)  and then…and then…we look forward to the future.

 joel maloff

Watch the interview HERE.

Talking points from the Maloff interview include:

  • The world is a lot more specialized…
  • Going after customers that don’t even know there are alternatives (e.g. mid-size customers using landlines for telephony).
  • The job of the MSP is to reach out to customers the NEED US!
  • Maloff emphasizes educating the customer as a mission
  • You can’t do it all yourself today – so shout out to a understanding the needs of your prospects…bring solutions not product to the customer!

Bonus – Maloff is a long-time adjunct professor at Colorado Technical University…good on him to give back…