Why? Why Not!

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SMB Nation members might wonder why I’m doing a motivational evergreen piece instead of more Geek Gifts this holiday season. The answer is simple. Man can not live by geeking alone. There is a time and place to look up and look in the mirror.

An opportunity to motive strategically and ask a series of “why” questions. It’s the type of year-end introspection that I want to foster in this interview with Mike Reilly, the author the forthcoming book “Finding My Voice.”


Figure 1: Boo cover from interview with Mike Reilly and co-author Lee Gruenfeld

Reilly deftly weaves his insights as the long-time voice of the IRONMAN race circuit into a “motivational lessons learned in life” tome that he describes in our interview HERE. Think of it this way – I recently saw dialog about how the most successful CEOs actually “read” a good portion of the day. Apparently, Warren Buffett reads newspapers for the first few hours each day. If you want to finish your own IRONMAN in life (in what ever form including the real thing), I’d offer you start with this interview followed by reading Reilly’s book. And you’ll leave richer for it saying – what the heck – why not! – when confronting what’s in front of you.

Watch the interview HERE

UPDATED December 13, 2018:


Just wanted to let you all know that Mike has posted an excerpt from his forthcoming book. You can read it here.

FYI, Mike’s Facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/mike.reilly.ironman/

If I don’t get a chance to write again before the new year, a very happy, healthy and safe holiday season to you all!