Tech Tuesday – New Show!

Business Speak

I fancy myself as always trying to expand my horizons and lead by example. In that context, I’m thrilled to announce a new show on Northwest Digital News, a business/technology media outlet in Longview, WA (near Portland, OR). 

The reason for this is that there are other ways to reach small and medium businesses than only the MSP

channel partner approach. Each Tuesday I’ll be reporting on current topics of interest that blasts out via Facebook Live, Google Hangouts, YouTube and other media distribution avenues.

There is a background to this opportunity you might find interesting. I was introduced to the show’s host, Kevin Hunter via former MSP Darrel Bowman . Bowman had a series of popular AM radio talk shows in the Tacoma area over the past several years, so he’s a media guy. Hunter is best known for his work in the YouTube realm producing car buying tips vids that consistently traffic a few million views. He’s the real deal! 

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Figure 1: Launched! Tech Tuesday coming at ya’ with Kevin Hunter (left) and Kyle Ferguson (right)

To date, I’ve done two segments as we just started. In the first show,  we introduced the Tech Tuesday show from the confines of our situs on Bainbridge Island, WA. In the second show earlier this week, I broadcast live from the CompTIA ChannelCon conference in Washington DC! I had the chance to discuss the pillars of the CompTIA community “stool” that include a partner community, certification and advocacy.

Bottom line. The intent of this show is to be a vehicle to expand our horizons with broader SMB business and technology stories. Knowledge is power. Please join the Northwest Digital News group here and I’ll see you on the other side.