My Son Will Work for Stock Options this Summer!

Business Speak

Call it a Seattle thing, but my son wants to invest forward by working for a Seattle-area technology startup for free plus stock options. Here’s why. We’ve decided its more important to learn how to work in his vocation than simply making money in an unrelated endeavor.

He’s investing in his employer as they invest in him.

How does this help you, the Seattle-based startup tech company? You will have the fulltime services of an “employee” who is ready, able and willing to do what it takes to get stuff done. He’s a team player called to service instead of status. Loosely translated, he’ll happily get the mail, run errands, clean and take out the garbage. Of course he has core digital native skills such as testing and social media management if those skills can be used to help solve problems. And I’d offer he is a natural salesman in the rough. He’d like to prove what he can do and earn a future leadership opportunity later.

harrybjr work for stock options

Why is Harry qualified to work for stock options serving a technology startup? It aligns with his forthcoming path at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California where he will focus on information systems in the School of Business starting this Fall. He is an Eagle Scout, a four year athlete at Bainbridge High School and an active participant at Boys State and the Model U.N. leadership programs. He finishes with a 3.71 GPA with many of his clases in Advanced Placement (AP). 

And I’ll personally cover his salary so, again, he can invest forward in his future.

Please visit the Will Work for Stock Options site or call 206-201-2944. Thank you.