The Buzz: Howard’s True That Column

Business Speak

Given you are focused on your day job running an MSP and CSP practice, it is possible that you missed the buzz this week surrounding Howard’s “What Microsoft Partners Are Grumbling About” column in Redmond Channel Partner magazine. It is another

installment in a series of pieces Howard has done over the last year measuring attitudes and more among Microsoft partners concerning the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). As many of you "start over" in a post-SBS world, this is a must read. 

This is the one blog Howard should hang his hat on. It lit up the Facebook universe with healthy and even mean spirited debates about how much love Microsoft is showing partners. I have written, in my head, a similar analysis but haven’t published it yet as I always use the grocery store shopping aisle rule. I live here in Seattle and if I published what Howard published, would I avoid an aisle at the grocery store if I saw one of my Blue Badge friends? Worse yet – would they avoid me?

Applause to Howard and keep it up. You have put it out there for all to read. These are the conversations everyone is having with lowered voices in the hallways at industry conferences but few would go -on the record- with. You can read the now infamous Howard Cohen column here