Easiest Way to Start Over!

Business Speak

In a 140-character world, it’s all about fast and easy combined with short attention spans. I get that as we explore new editorial genres at SMB Nation in 2016 including how to start over as an MSP in an era transforming technology business models.

So I share with you perhaps the fastest and easiest way to pivot your professional practice from yesterday to tomorrow: Workspace as a Service (WaaS).


I fancy myself as having two feet on the street and not just being a talking head analyst. Ergo I’m going to demo and review NetConnect, an emerging WaaS solution, right here right now.

Logon and GO!

  • First, you will logon to the demonstration site here.
  • Use the demo account (the user name and password are auto-populated)
  • Next you will be presented with a “workspace” that is a paradigm shift of sorts for many users. There are common applications presented including the Microsoft Office apps.
  • Open Excel and create a spreadsheet listing your calorie schedule for a day, as an example. Close Excel.
    You will be returned to the WebTop.
  • Click Desktop. This is the “true” NetConnect experience. This is shown in Figure 1.
  • Open Google Chrome and go to www.smbnation.com for grins. Close Google Chrome.
  • And that’s it.


Basically NetConnect and it’s WaaS solution takes the desktop computing approach we tried years ago at Cloud Nation to a new level. It’s faster, simpler and cheaper than the remote desktop solution Cloud Nation promoted via the Citrix Receiver approach. When you sign-up as a NetConnect partner here, you can reinvent yourself in under an hour as a WaaS solution provider. It’s that easy.

You can learn more about NetConnect by watching two webinars we recently hosted about this WaaS solution: