Anturis Moves from Beta to Commercial Launch of Cloud-Based Monitoring Solution for SMBs

Business Speak

Anturis has moved from Beta to its official commercial launch and availability of its new and enhanced cloud-based monitoring and troubleshooting solution for

web services and IT infrastructure. Designed for SMBs that generally do not have access to, or budgets for, a dedicated IT department, the Anturis commercial service delivers enterprise-grade IT infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting in a simple, easy-to-setup and use browser-based cloud solution.
Building upon the success of its beta solution, Anturis’ commercial IT monitoring platform includes many new features and enhancements. One of the major upgrades is asimplified website monitoring setup. This means the system automatically selects multiple monitoring locations (out of its worldwide network of public monitoring agents) to maximize monitoring efficiency and minimize the number of connection-related issues and false positives. As Anturis is designed for SMBs it is critical to avoid unnecessary manual configuration, reduce the opportunity for human errors, speed up monitoring configuration and avoid alerts spam.

Additional Anturis updates include numerous GUI and usability enhancements, such as improved wizards. It also includes extended diagnostic data for faster troubleshooting, such as presenting the list of top five CPU-consuming processes at the time of CPU overload.

To meet any level of specific needs, the Anturis IT monitoring solution comes in four packages/options that are aimed to fit any size of customer IT infrastructure, including:

· Lifetime Free: An impressive but limited package with five monitors that can be created (monitor up to five URLs or local resources of a single server) and offers unlimited email alerts each month. Cost: $0
· Small: Includes 10 monitors, unlimited email alerts and 10 SMS and voice alerts per month. Cost: $7.50 per month (annual price).
· Medium: 40 monitors, unlimited email alerts and 40 SMS and voice alerts. Cost: $32.50 per month (annual price).
· Large: For more complex IT needs, offers 100 monitors, unlimited email alerts and unlimited SMS and voice alerts. Cost: $82.50 per month (annual price).
Anturis is also offering a “30-Day Free Trial” for all premium plans.