MegaPath Launches Any-to-Any Broadband Managed Failover Services

Business Speak

MegapathMegaPath Corporation has launched its “any-to-any” Broadband Managed Failover services. The new product complements MegaPath’s Failover service released in June of this year.

MegaPath’s Managed Failover services provide customers with a high-availability, cost-effective business continuity solution for maintaining critical business operations in the event that their primary data connection is disrupted.MegaPath’s Managed Failover services give organizations the flexibility to select the backup service best suited for their business, including Wireless (3G, 4G and LTE depending on availability), Ethernet, T1, DSL and Cable. The fully-automated services use Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to actively monitor primary and backup broadband connections.

In the event of an outage, the CPE instantly detects the circuit disruption and initiates failover. At the same time, MegaPath’s Proactive Monitoring service detects that the primary circuit is down and initiates the troubleshooting and repair process within MegaPath’s Network Operations Center (NOC). Once the primary service is restored, the customer’s service automatically reverts back to the primary circuit.