SMB Nation Podcast Series



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Podcast: MickyJ White Hat Security Topics

Presented by: MickyJ

IT Pro Michael Jenkin shares top insights concerning security in a 365 world. Trends include malware trends included target phishing. Jenkin shares this is 100% targeting knowing things only you would know like your favorite wine (hint: your Facebook posts tell all to hackers). Catch the conversations about passwords being a concern and WordPress site vulnerabilities (hint: encryption).





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Podcast: Listen as Harry Brelsford conducts a "tell it like it is" Session on IT

Presented by: Harry Brelsford and Kevin Doyle

A must listen as Harry Brelsford conducts a "tell it like it is" session with Chicagoland MSP Kevin Doyle. Over 15+ years he has grown his MSP practice, 3Points.

We discuss the following topics (plus much more)

  •  I see in your profile that you were a Microsoft Advisor (or your customer POR (partner Of Record)) prior to become an CSP with Sherweb.
  • How was the Microsoft advisor program for you?
  • What was the main challenged you faced at this time? And the specific roadblocks you had for moving to the Microsoft CSP Program?
    And learn how Kevin runs a foundation to assist children who have lost a parent to violence. Plus much more!






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Podcast: Discover & benefit from Pat Beemer knowledge on how to move clients to the cloud

Presented by: Harry Brelsford and Pat Beemer

Listen to Seattle-based MSP Pat Beemer as he speaks on his successful experience growing a thriving and profitable MSP business. Plus discover and benefit from his business knowledge of moving his Cloud Adviser status client to Cloud Services Provider via Sherweb.

Other topics include moving clients to the cloud. Learn how Pat leverage his college experience to further his business practices/growth strategy. Finally Pat is an accomplished musician but not a big Seahawks football fan. All this and more on this podcast!





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Podcast: Learn from Derek Sardoas an experienced MSP on moving to the Cloud

Presented by: Harry Brelsford and Derek Sardo

Listen to Derek Sardo of Rolling Thunder out of Ontario, Canada as he speaks on his experience and business knowledge of moving his client to the cloud. Understand that this podcast gives Derek an opportunity to tell it like it is! He should know. His MSP practice is over 25-years old!

After a personal chit-chat about his background including college, we move into a variety of discussion points concerning the Sherweb CSP program.

At the end - we cover off on the following:

  • What solutions enabled you to overcome that/these challenges (moving from Cloud Advisor)? Ex: SherWeb bill on-behalf / co-branded support / SherWeb portal / automated client import tool / CSP transfer services
  • Why did you go with this solution?
  •  How did you do it? What did the process looked like for you?