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Our premise is simple: IT Partners do not have the opportunity to consult with others about the challenges of their jobs, seek advice, or gain motivation when needed.  Our interactive online learning environment is designed for IT management professionals who wish to learn, cooperate and succeed by sharing their experiences and holding each other accountable.  Our web based programs are designed for technology based solution providers and to provide the necessary tools, ideas, and concepts to boost your business.

We are offering three distinct pathways:

How are we different from older traditional groups? Consider the following:

  •         We provide Online Business Assessments
  •         A sales management tool kit ($175 value)
  •         Access to Partner Cloud Acceleration Tool Kit
  •         Bi-monthly surveys and metrics on Industry and Board Members
  •         10 months a year, skip July/Aug
  •         6 hours of personalized consulting over the year (value 6*$250=$1500 value)
  •         Quarterly guest speakers on identified topics
  •         SMB Nation Conference/Board of Advisor meetings-Pre conference
  •         Short Term Specialized Workshops; i.e. Cloud Acceleration, O365,Verticalization
  •         Monthly confidential metric reports comparing you and your company to other peer groups

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Powered by SMB Nation  Lead by: Ken Thoreson, Acumen Management Group
and Keith Lubner, Channel Consulting Corp.                   



Board of Advisors: Accelerate your Cloud and Mobility Practice

This is an intense five (5) sessions over four months that will propel your practice and provide the guidance necessary to drive success. Bonus: 2 hours of personalized consulting

The program is purposely prescriptive by design and developed to initiate action through a multi-tiered approach via several vehicles.  The target participant is the business leader who desires to drive their cloud or mobility practice faster than how it is progressing currently. By creating a regular cadence, with specific participant tactics, we have been able to better capture and influence your individual success.  You will be exposed to a program that has been crafted with best practices and reviewed from multiple touch points. Participants will absorb the information and execute much faster by virtue of using our personalized tools. 

This regular cadence, combined with a proven methodology, will propel you forward much faster with regard to building a cloud and mobility practice. 

Engagement Fee:                                            $875.00

Board of Advisors: Business Acceleration Program

Your Board of Advisors will meet monthly and provide the necessary advice and accountability that will no doubt dramatically increase the value of your business.

Getting the right advice at the right time to propel your business in the right direction is invaluable. This Board of Advisors program focuses on the appropriate items that will stimulate your desire to create momentum for your business – without guesswork but with real world practice advice.

Prerequisite:     Take Acumen/C3 Business Assessment

Topics will include:

  •        Reducing Stress and Building Balance
  •        Thinking Strategically and Creatively
  •        When and How to Know when it is time to let them go….
  •        Managing your Manager… and your peers       
    •          Handling Difficult Behaviors
  •        The Personnel Side of Company Interactions
  •        Management and Psychology of Leading vs Managing
  •        Business Strategies of the Future
  •        Creating Culture
  •        Business Planning For High Performance
  •        Increasing Executive Execution
  •        Improving Your Presentation/Communication Style
  •        Developing Marketing Strategy
  •        Developing Sales Strategy
  •        Improving Time Management
  •        Increasing Your Creativity
  •        Recruiting More Effectively
  •        Employee Development
  •        Marketing: moving forward, messaging and development
  •        Learning to Work more effectively with Your Management Team
  •        Instilling the emotional aspects of selling on your Team
  •        Creating the optimal portfolio of solutions/products
  •        Learning what NOT to do in sales
  •        Learning what NOT to do in marketing
  •        Learning what NOT to do operationally


Additional Bonus:

Access Sales Management Tool Kit

Engagement Fee:                                            $3,000/annually with quarterly payments

Board of Advisors : Sales and Marketing Acceleration Program

Designed for organizations that need to increase the professionalism of their sales and marketing. This 10 month program has been created to provide a focused program to build predictable revenue. The difference between this program and ALL others in the marketplace is that the focus revolves completely around the ACTIONS in accelerating forward, not around “planning”. Through the use and exposure to tools and feedback, participants can develop weekly actions that they can immediately deploy to their organizations.

Topics will include:

  •        Learn how to cross sell and update with Account Planning
  •        Improve Messaging and Value Propositions
  •        Learn Business Guidance Selling
  •        Connect the Dots, learn the art of discovery
  •        Personality Style Selling
  •        Building Thought Leadership as a weapon
  •        Market Planning and Communications
  •        Driving Top Line Revenue with Measurable Results
  •        Creating Management Systems
  •        Hiring More Effectively, Making the Right Choice
  •        Learning to Coach and Being Coached
  •        Branding and Sales/Marketing Management
  •        Developing Sales Training Programs that Work
  •        Creating Compensation Plans That work
  •        Managing Remote Sales Teams
  •        Technology in the Sales Process and Sales Management
  •        Creating More Effective Sales Meetings
  •        Business Guidance Selling
  •        Creating a Solution Recommendation

Engagement Fee                                       $2,500 (semi-annually payments)