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SImple is Hard

  • Would you like to immediately increase your business with impactful sales activity?
  • Would you like to enhance your reputation as an influencer?
  • Would you like to make more money?

Welcome to Pivot, Marketing as a Service (MaaS). We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your service delivery and customer management. We put actionable visions with the right people, processes, and experience to make marketing a reality. We are a verb, not a noun.  

Discover how PIVOT can help your sales and marketing!

For a modest monthly fee, we "do" the digital marketing delivery work, using a variety of digital marketing tools and tactics. Our dedicated team will consistently deliver referrals and new leads to your inbox. We're ready to talk to you today (click here). 

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 Discover how analytics can benefit a business.

Let’s Grow Your Business!

Packages start at $300/month

We are…

  • BUSINESS. Clients consistently tell us our understanding of your business is a strategic advantage. We have extensive experience starting, owning, operating an existing business. We speak SMB; no translation required.
  • ANALYTICS. Math is our friend. So is data. No need to become a data scientist. Instead stay focused on growing your business.
  • QUALIFIED. Our team brings bona fide experience in social media analytics, Big Data, predictive analytics, lead scoring, publishing, media, agency, event management and technology businesses (MSP, OEM, ISV, Disti, Reseller, VAR, Vendor). Compound that with advanced academics achievements (MBA, PhD and a variety of Bachelors degrees).
  • EXECUTION. Simple is hard. This is our secret sauce. We tell you what time it is. Our competitors tell you how to build a watch. We fight complexity all day every day so we can execute on our promises.
  • THE ANSWER. If you’re thinking "I feel so behind, am I too late to the world of digital marketing and analytics?" The short answer is no. We are only one percent (1%) of the way there in this new world!
  • CONSUMPTION. Pay only for what you consume. Our "as a service" offering allows you to scale your MaaS consumption up and down on a quarterly basis.
  • INDEPENDENT. We help you get out of your own way. For example, companies started and directed by engineers are amongst our best customer group. 

Whether you have a highly capable marketing department or have no marketing resource at all, Pivot has been designed to increase your business with strategic marketing tactics and impactful sales.

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Listen to the Pivot Launch Announcement!


 Pivot Launch Podcast - Discover more about Pivot by listening to this podcast hosted by Ted Hulsy, well-known partner channel executive.


Harry speaks on MSP analytics!





In the News! Harry Brelsford speaks on Five Analytics Tools for MSPs at the Ingram Cloud Summit 2017 (April 2017, JW Marriott - Desert Ridge Resort, Scottsdale, AZ)









 Harry on Laura Steward's "It's All About The Answers" Radio Show!!!




 Laura Steward's "It's All About The Questions" Radio Show (May 2017). Listen HERE










In this interview on the SMB Community Podcast May 2017 show, Harry announces a new Marketing as a Service platform called Pivot. We talk about marketing and analytics in the SMB community – and a lot more. 

Harry stresses that modern marketing requires analytics. You are wasting money if you just do a little SEO and buy Google ads. In addition, there are lots of things involved in marketing that the average MSP owner can’t do or shouldn’t do. You really don’t have time for analyzing your clients, split-testing ads, and all the other modern elements of marketing.