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christa champOver the years, readers have followed the challenges and successes of my niece, Christa Brelsford. Today, I am happy that I can report success, and there is a lesson learned for all of us in the SMB IT Pro community experiencing “disruption” in our profession. Stick with me and think about this the next time you complain that “they took away Small Business Server.”

Pic 1. Christa Brelsford won gold at the IFSC Paraclimbing World Championship - Gijon (ESP) 2014 this past weekend.

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DDoS and advanced threat protection solution provider Arbor Networks announced it received several commendations at the 2014 Golden Bridge Awards program, including Gold for Mobile Network Security, Gold for Network Security Innovation and Bronze for Security Service Innovation.

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AvnetGlobal IT solutions distribution leader Avnet Technology Solutions, an operating group of Avnet, Inc., today announced its Avnet Services business unit is working with the Linux Foundation to offer popular Linux courses through Avnet Academy in both online and classroom settings worldwide.

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The week that was – September 14, 2014

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It’s been a tremendously busy week in the IT world. We’re going to start with IT Slowdown Day. You may have noticed some of your connections taking longer to load on Wednesday. This was the result of a one-day protest by many popular websites, including Mozilla, Netflix, Vimeo and our friends at AVG, who displayed a number of symbolic “loading” graphics to show you what your Internet might look like if the big Cable companies win the right to extort companies by constricting bandwidth. The goal of the protest was to encourage you to contact lawmakers and tell them to support Net Neutrality before the FCC’s Sept. 15 deadline for public comments. This is an issue that should be near and dear to your hearts. After all, how many new clients are you – an IT expert – going to land if every prospect visiting your website has to wait while your site loads? Either you don’t know how to build a website or you aren’t big and successful enough to pay for decent bandwidth. Either way you are screwed. You can find out more at https://www.battleforthenet.com/.

Autotask finally adds RMM with CentraStage

Autotask logoNot too long ago speculation was rife about Autotask and RMM. Connectwise picked up Labtech, Kaseya got acquired and private equity bought into N-Able. As someone working at Level Platforms at the time I recall many conversations about the way the professional services automation market seemed to be following the same evolutionary path Enterprise Resource Planning systems did. Essentially we expected to be using Autotask business cards before too long. Then AVG acquired LPI and East Greenbush, NY-based Autotask was left without an RMM option. So what were they going to do? We continued to speculate, as did many others in the industry, but nothing happened. Nothing happened for so long that the conversation went from who-will-they to will-they to have-they-missed-the-boat?

This week they finally did, picking up UK-based cloud RMM player CentraStage – possibly kicked into motion by the company’s new paymasters, Vista Equity Partners (which bought Autotask in June). Autotask and CentraStage already have a relationship, with CentraStage being one of 20 RMM packages integrated into Autotask’s PSA platform, and so over the past couple of years an increasing degree of intimacy has developed. According to Autotask, those other integrations will not change in any way and MSPs who rely on them won’t suffer, but the CentraStage acquisition – which is expected to close within three week – will drive a much deeper integration and introduce increased management capabilities. For example, customers who work with both companies will be able to receive a single invoice and engage with a single support team. The exact nature of those technology integrations are still being worked out.

WAN-as-a-service startup, VeloCloud, launches first partner program

velocloudLos Altos, Calif.-based VeloCloud launched its first channel partner program. The startup recently raised $21 million in financing and is using some of that money to kick start is sales efforts – effort the company says will be entirely channel-based. Thus the new VeloCloud Partner Program is aimed at MSPs and IT solution providers who want to deliver cloud-based WANs to midsize and large enterprise customers. The VeloCloud technology is designed to extend the benefits of cloud and virtualization to the enterprise or branch office WAN. To start with, VeloCloud is recruiting partners with footprint in specific vertical markets, including retail, hospitality, engineering, and mining and gas. Like most partner programs, the VeloCloud iteration will be tiered (Platinum, Gold and Silver) with perks like MDF and discounts improving as partners move up the ranks based on their VeloCoud sales volumes.

Xerox gets friendly with the channel

xeroxXerox wants to be more channel-friendly and in keeping with that the Norwalk, Conn.-based printer vendor rolled out a series of changes to its hardware, software and services lines that it hopes will help drive partner revenues. Traditionally, Xerox has earned a reputation for neglecting the channel in favor of its direct sales efforts – this despite the fact that the channel accounts for more than 50 percent of the company’s sales. According to John Corley, who took over as Xerox’s channel chief just a few days earlier, the company wants to see that number climb into the 65-70 percent range.

ConnectKey 1.5 --Xerox is adding four new printers to the ConnectKey platform. The new A4 devices are a direct response to demand from partners.

Personalized Application BuilderA new Authorized Developer Program will extend the company’s Personal Application Builder beyond ISVs to include channel partners. Going forward Xerox's 10,000-odd channel partners will be able to build custom applications for their customers and become certified to sell those applications to other partners.

Xerox PageConnect Services – Xerox PageConnect Services is expanding. Managed print services is definitely making a splash in the market and this program, which Xerox first announced in April as a MPS-oriented rebrand of its Basic Print Services, is designed to provide a way for channel partners to provide related Xerox offerings.

Xerox Small Office Savings Plan – This innovative new plan (Xerox claims it’s the first of its kind) channel partners can give SMB customers a free printer if they sign up for a plan that will deliver consumable supplies like toner and paper and services for a monthly fee ranging from $59 to $149.


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Registration Link: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/784313752

Date: Thursday, September 18, 2014 10:00-11:00 AM PDT

Presented by: George Anderson, Webroot and Harry Brelsford, Founder and Chairman, SMB Nation

Customers are looking for ways to increase their IT prowess without increasing their IT spend. VARs that are holding on to the traditional hardware, break/fix model of business soon will find themselves left behind by customers who need 24/7 support from a reliable services provider.

In this webinar we'll discuss how you can evolve your business into a services-based model that can increase your customer base and your monthly revenue:

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storagecraft smallSeptember is the Federal Emergency Management Association’s (FEMA) disaster preparedness month. This means a number of things for you and your family, but as you’re making your disaster plans for earthquakes, tornados, floods, and so forth, don’t forget about your business and any businesses you provide services to.

The first question to ask yourself is this: do you have a formal, written disaster plan? If not, it’s time to make one. The first things to consider are your employees.

Keeping a business running after a disaster is important, but it’s not as important as the wellbeing of the people around you. A good disaster preparedness plan will include more than just getting systems back online. It will also lay out expectations you have for employees or clients and expectations they have for you. If a disaster happens while you’re all at work (a very likely scenario) do employees know what to do if there’s an earthquake? What about a tornado? Do they know the procedure for what to do after any disaster?

The other side of this is what if a disaster happens while employees are not in the office? Will they know what to do the following day? It’s important to think about how you’ll communicate with your employees or clients following a disaster. Certain methods of communication may not work in large catastrophes, but it’s important to find something that does.

There are lots of methods to communicate after a disaster. In fact, you might be able to send emails and update social media pages, but if all systems are down, you might be out of luck. That is, unless you have equipment prepared well ahead of time. Think carefully about how to communicate if the Internet and cell services are down.

Once the human aspect has been sorted, you need to think about your backup and recovery plan. Your disaster plan will probably cover human elements like those we mentioned above, but a backup and disaster recovery plan for your equipment is much different. We won’t go into the minutiae of building a plan here because there are some very detailed guides available that can do the subject more justice.

Once you’ve established expectations for different scenarios above, make sure appropriate protocols are in your written, formalized plan. Now share the plan with employees so everybody knows what to do. Once that’s done, the final and most important part of your plan is testing it, which should be your primary goal for disaster preparedness month. If you can test your plan and everything goes well, you’ll know you’re ready.

Whether we’re talking about your business or a client’s, you’ll really want to schedule a day to test disaster recovery plans. This way you can verify that people know what to do, and that your equipment can be put back online without any time or money-consuming hiccups.

Disaster testing sounds boring, but if you’re like Google, it can be fun. Google has been known to have themes for their disaster recovery tests. They’ll attribute various disaster scenarios to fictional attacks by everything from zombies to aliens, just to make a dull subject a little more interesting. Disaster testing doesn’t have to be boring, but it does have to be done if you hope to be ready for whatever nature throws at you.

How are you preparing for disaster preparedness month?


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etouches , a provider of cloud-based event management enterprise software, and Salesforce.com, the largest CRM provider, announced strengthened integration intended to provide a more responsive system and allow for sophisticated workflows

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biggerbrainsBigger Brains recently announced that it has started a special Kickstarter campaign with three new “Brain Bites” videos aimed at helping MSPs and their clients increase productivity. Each video is 10 minutes long and the subjects released deal with Email Management, File Organization and Time Management.

As a special offer for MSPs who back the Bigger Brains campaign, the company is offering a special reward for those who donate either $120 or $160 that will allow the MSP to custom-brand the course for their clients.

The reason behind this campaign hits home for Bigger Brains President, Chip Reaves: “I was working with an attorney recently, helping them with an email issue. He had a terrible email setup – over 20,000 emails in his Outlook inbox and no subfolders.  He deleted spam, but otherwise everything he ever received was kept in his inbox, until the system inevitably overloaded and crashed every few years, at which point his former IT consultant would move a block of emails into an archive PST.”

Bigger Brains will be running this Kickstarter campaign until October 3rd, 2014. Check out the campaign here.

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vmwareEnterprise Mobility Management provider Airwatch by VMware today introduced AirWatch AppShield, which allows organizations to secure data, enforce compliance policies and control the development, deployment, and security of critical business applications.

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Harry on the Road

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dandh show bostonOur very own Harrybbb will be on the road this week! Stop by and see him in Boston, MA, and at his Beerfest in Newton, Ma tonight, and at the D&H show in Toronto later this week.

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Leonard Dimiceli on the Evolution of SMB IT Pros

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 By Alex Anderson, Contributing Writer, SMB Nation, with contribution from Heather Lawrentz, Writer, SMB Nation


Harry and I recently had the great opportunity to meet with Leonard Dimiceli, General Manager of Nuvotera (formerly SpamSoap). Leonard spoke with us about the rebranding, as well as his views on the evolution of the SMB IT Channel.

To begin, it’s important to note that the Nuvotera brand came about in November of 2013. The company had been evolving before this however, but, as Leonard explained to Harry and me, they didn’t want to put out the image that they only did spam monitoring. In fact, Nuvotera has a wide range of non-spam products as well, including archiving and encryption. The company name itself means the “Next Big Thing” or “Groundbreaking,” and Leonard’s team has been hard at work to live up to this moniker. Nuvotera is no longer an OEM, but rather a value-added SaaS distributor.

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dandhjpgMicrosoft’s decree to end technical support for the Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 solutions creates great potential for growth in Q3 and Q4 for distributors and VARs as many SMBs complete the transition before support for Server 2003 ends in July 2015.

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Robin Robins Kicks Off Multi-City Tour

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RobinRobinsToday marks the kickoff of Robin Robins’ first multi-city tour since 2009, with the first stop in Los Angeles, CA. Each tour stop will be two days long, and will be focused on proven marketing campaigns for MSPs and IT Pros to use in their business.

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Business Partnerships Essential Yet Often Fail

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“Grow From the Right Intro,” a new study by the CMO Council and the Business Performance Innovation Network, found that today’s businesses highly value the importance of partnerships.

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By Natalie Lehrer, Senior Contributor for CloudWedge

Cloud computing has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the flexibility and cost savings it provides organizations. Forrester research examined the ROI of building out a private datacenter and the research analysts concluded that the average cost across all organizations to build out a private datacenter was $59 million. Public cloud solutions can equate to efficiency and cost savings advantages over traditional means of housing, manipulating and backing up data. Cloud data centers are being built all over the world due to a rising demand in services.

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fax information super highway editedOn the surface, this isn’t news. But dig a layer deeper and there is a story about “innovate or perish” here. On my recent trip to the D&H Distributing Canada show in Toronto, I drove by, made a U-turn and took the following photo. The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words applies here. You are looking at a shuddered truck that niched on offering faxing and other services to long-haul truckers. I’d offer it’s a sort about technology relevancy.

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Tableau Conference Kicks Off Seventh Annual Event

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tableauTableau Software, a business analytics company, announced the launch of its 7th annual Tableau Conference, taking place this week in Seattle, WA. There are over 5500 customers and partners expected to attend, with a wide range of sessions available for attendees.

“This is the event of the year for our customers, partners and employees,” said Elissa Fink, Chief Marketing Officer at Tableau Software. “They come together and create an environment that is electric. This year’s event sold out six weeks early and will be our biggest one yet.”

These sessions include 270 breakout presentations, four major keynotes, including one from Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Wednesday, and 50 hands-on labs.

For more information about the Tableau Conference, please visit the site here.

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 CD-Logo-220x150According to a recent study by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services , it is business agility, not cost, that is driving cloud adoption.

Enterprises are recognizing that if you only focus on cost-savings, you are missing out on the bigger benefits of the cloud. The study notes that business agility was the leading driver for cloud adoption among all respondents, with 32% saying it was their primary reason for pursuing the cloud.

This is a great sign for the market. Enterprises are seeing cloud as a competitive advantage, rather than just a way to improve a balance sheet. By not leading with cost, enterprises are positioning themselves to be more productive, efficient, and competitive. When we talk about business agility in the context of cloud communications, it is really about the ability to change and grow, and improve or streamline communications, which feeds competitiveness. 

In the past, enterprises buying premise-based solutions needed to anticipate near term or future needs and be ready to lock themselves in for multiple years. With cloud communications, you can grow, shrink or change how your offices are structured without the fear of being strapped with the wrong equipment. 

Cloud communications services can scale to meet the needs of a growing business with the flexibility to cater to the communications needs of an increasingly mobile workforce. When adding offices or phasing them out, the enterprise has control and they are able to quickly adjust their communications requirements to meet the needs of their employees. The responsibility to ensure the scalability of the communications services is in the service provider’s hands, rather than the enterprise.

Upfront costs are minimal and it is an opex-driven model.  That gives the enterprise an efficient way to manage cashflow and positions them to invest in communications services based on real demand instead of anticipated requirements.

Since the servers and software are in the cloud, features and functions are more easily improved and enhanced over time. This future-proofs the enterprises communications services and prepares it to adjust and adapt to new technologies and user behaviors. It also helps lengthen the lifecycle of the premise-based telephone and video end-points since they look to cloud services for updates, as well as enhanced features. 

Enterprises that adopt cloud communications are preparing themselves to manage change in the future  and react quickly to new opportunities. They can be faster and more efficient than competitors and use the cloud business model to create new advantages in their operations.

 To Learn More About CoreDial's Private Labeled Cloud Software Platform, Please Go To www.coredial.com.

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IT Security Breaches: The New Normal

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Bob Vogel BlueBy Bob Vogel, B2Marketing

Hardly a month goes by without the leading news headlines covering a major IT security breach with national – and sometimes international – impact.

But for every big data breach you read about, there are thousands of instances of external and internal cyber-thieves gaining access to information that’s supposed to be private and protected.

In fact, according to a recent survey, in the past 18 months, 51 percent of companies said they had at least one security breach. And, in the same survey, 18% of companies said losses from data breaches were more than $500,000 and another 8% said they had losses of more than $1 million.

This presents a big opportunity, and a big risk, for any MSP or IT service provider. If the networks and computers you manage are breached, some of that liability could easily trickle down to you. On the other hand, with the right legal agreements and the right tools, you can protect your clients AND make more money doing it.

The fact-of-the-matter is that many security breaches are the result of too much focus on “the edge” where the networks are connected to the internet, and not enough attention is paid to what happens on the inside. If a “Trojan” attack makes it pass the firewall, then what? Or, if someone from the “inside” decides to go after private company data, what becomes vulnerable then?

A powerful new security assessment tool from RapidFire Tools could help. Called Network Detective Inspector, this innovative hardware/software solution is designed to quickly and easily uncover a wide array of INTERNAL network vulnerabilities.

If you’re an MSP or Service provider, simply attach the appliance to your client’s network, turn it on, head back to your office and let it do its thing. When the scan is complete, you’ll get an email notification. Next, jump into your Network Detective application, open the client site, pull in the scan and run your reports.

In addition to the comprehensive output showing security holes, warnings and informational items, you can also produce a super detailed Layer 2/3 diagram.

And if that’s not enough, you can beef up the assessment with the Network Detective Security Assessment module – with or without the Inspector.

Just run the non-invasive (nothing to install) scanning tool on the network and a random selection of PCs or Macs, and in about 30 minutes you’ll get:

  •      Security Risk Report. This executive-level report includes a proprietary Security Risk Score along with summary charts, graphs and an explanation of the risks found in the security scans.
  •       Security Policy Assessment Report. A detailed overview of the security policies which are in place on both a domain wide and local machine basis.
  •       Shared Permission Report. Comprehensive lists of all network “shares” by computer, detailing which users and groups have access to which devices and files, and what level of access they have.
  •       User Permissions Report. Organizes permissions by user, showing all shared computers and files to which they have access.
  •       External Vulnerabilities Full Detail Report. A comprehensive output including security holes and warnings, informational items that can help make better network security decisions, plus a full NMap Scan which checks all 65,535 ports and reports which are open. This is an essential item for many standard security compliance reports.

Want to learn more? Visit the RapidFire Tools website.


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Dell Introduces New Commercial PC Portfolio

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Dell Logo amllDell today debuted a variety of new commercial PC solutions, including: the Latitude 7000 Series 2-in-1 detachable laptop, the Latitude 3000 Series laptops, the Latitude 5000 Series Laptop, and the Latitude 14 Rugged laptop.

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My O365 OneDrive Journey (Part II of II)

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Last time, I asked the question: “is there a simple, friction-free button to push in Office 365 (say the Admin console), to move my data corpus from OneDrive to OneDrive for Business 2013?” The answer is no. I expected a GoDaddy-like push-button experience (where you configure the DNS automatically in Office 365 for your domains).

Instead, I started to investigate how to efficiently migrate 33GB from One Drive to OneDrive for Business 2013. The native interface for OneDrive for Business 2013 felt too much like the traditional SharePoint file upload dialog box (it is). The modern OneDrive for Business application in the Windows 8 merely offers navigation features. It’s not a utility tool. My source on the Office 365 team asked if I had installed the Office 365 Office 2013 Pro Plus bits. I replied yes. He then asked if I could see the OneDrive for Business 2013 desktop application in the Microsoft Office 2013 program group. I replied NO that I could only see the SkyDrive for Business application. Puzzled, he asked if I was truly using the Office 2013 Pro Plus SKU from Office 365 as it should have automatically updated. We confirmed I’m using the proper Office 2013 Pro Plus SKU and we were both puzzled why the automatic update had not occurred.

My Office 365 team source asked if I had an Office application open. Yes. Then go to File -> Account and look to the right under Product Information. There we discovered that the update had not been automatically applied, which would bring me the current OneDrive for Business 2013 desktop client and allow me to complete my OneDrive journey!

onedrive pt2 1

So I manually installed the Office updates, resulting in access to the OneDrive for Business 2013 client and the elimination of the SkyDrive for Business desktop client. And since that “manual” update (which is contrary to the Office 365 experience), Office 2013 Pro Plus now correctly automatically updates on my system. Whew!

The journey continues.

Basically the net result is that, using the OneDrive for Business 2013 desktop client, I was able to bulk copy the data from OneDrive to OneDrive for Business 2013 using the traditional “drag and drop” behavior. Comprende comrade?

As a bonus, the OneDrive for Business 2013 desktop application “insisted” on syncing my data store down to the a local “OneDrive for Business” folder of my Lenovo Helix laptop. I have the space and it’s both a form of redundancy and supports offline use like when I’m on a plane without WiFi (increasingly rare domestically, but common on long overseas flights).

onedrive pt2 2


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SMB Nation Partner: PowerSource Online

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PSO banner 220X150PowerSourceOnline.com is the largest B2B computer, printer, networking and telecom exchange that connects buyers and sellers of IT parts. The online marketplace for buyers and sellers of telecom systems and parts, networking equipment, computers and laptops and other IT equipment is the largest online network for the secondary telecommunication and IT marketplace. Since its creation in 1997, PowerSource remains committed to providing quality sourcing and disposition solutions of hard-to-find, excess, discontinued, obsolete and end-of-life computer parts and systems. With a global member base of over 2000 members consisting of Dealers, Resellers, Brokers and Service Companies, locating computer parts, systems, telecommunication equipment, peripherals, printers and networking equipment has never been easier! In 2010, Telecom Finders joined the PowerSource Online website and community to add telecom parts and equipment to the already expansive IT and computer parts and equipment database.

PowerSource Online has helped thousands of computer parts and telecom equipment buyers to efficiently source used, refurbished and surplus IT and telecom systems, parts and equipment for their PCs and laptops, central office, VoIP and business telephony systems, storage components, point of sale systems, wireless networks and networking operations.

The heart of our service consists of a searchable parts and equipment database which instantly connects the buyer to over 3 million lines of inventory which is advertised from the most reputable suppliers in the IT and Telecom Secondary Market Industry. Power Source Online understands the importance of quality information, and requires that all its suppliers upload their most recent stock list at least once a week. Our Verified Suppliers upload more often and users can view images of the warehouses and information about the Supplier with confidence that the part is in stock.

PowerSource Online also offers a Broadcast Section where buyers can upload their requirements and sellers can advertise their excess and unwanted equipment.

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Launched! O365nation is LIVE!

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o365nationlaunchToday is a very important day. It is the day our Office 365 Nation community, known as “O365 Nation” is launching, and will start a new conversation that we predict will continue for at least a decade. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride.

Pictured: September 4, 2014: O365Nation founder Harry Brelsford with the Microsoft Office 365 Support Managers spinning up the O365nation.com site!

So why are we here? Simply stated, you asked for an independent Office 365 community. As you know, there are Microsoft-based communities that we participate in but, at the end of the day, those are managed and supported by Microsoft. Our founder, Harry Brelsford, served as an “outside” Microsoft insider during the server-era from the mid-1990s forward, and he’s back as an inside-the-beltway, but keep it real, analyst blogger at O365nation.com.

We are here to take the Office 365 journey with you as your “guide-by-the-side.” Count on us to earn your trust with our credible, authentic analysis to help you answer your Office 365 questions and solve your challenges. We will engage in both technical and business Office 365 conversations in a safe, respectful and nurturing environment.

We have already received significant coverage related to our community launch. Here are a few O365nation stories:

Who should participate as a fan of O365nation?

We cater to a wide and diverse audience that wants to be “in the know” right now about the Office 365 platform. This includes:

  • IT Pros
  • System Administrators
  • Business Decision Makers
  • Consultants
  • Customers
  • Resellers
  • Partners
  • MSPs
  • And all the rest (VARs, VAPs, System Integrators, System Builders, Distys, Vendors, Sponsors, ISVs, OEMS)

What segments will we be covering?

We are not limited to any single channel or niche. Our Office 365 conversation will span the business community to cover matters relevant to:

  • Enterprise
  • Government
  • Education
  • Small and Medium Business (SMB)

What can you expect from O365nation as a community fan?

  • Content
    • Synthesized news
    • Unique analysis from our bloggers
    • Breaking news
  • Newsletter
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Webinars
  • Services
  • Forums
  • And much more! Tell us how we can help you be more successful with Office 365!

O365Nation Writers

You can look forward to great, high-quality content from the following writers on O365Nation.com:

Support Shout Out!

It takes a village. We wouldn’t be here without the kind and generous support on Day One from:

  1. AttachedApps (an application suite on top of Office 365)
  2. Idea2
  3. StorageCraft
  4. Microsoft
  5. Intel
  6. D&H events
  7. Channel Pro events
  8. CompTIA events
  9. SMB Nation Team (Jenny, Heather, Marianne, Edna, Brook and all the rest!)
  10. And many other community members!

So that’s it! Bookmark us. Share us. Most importantly, sign-up for the Office 365nation community so we can stay in touch. As the country western song says “Strangers are just friends who haven’t met yet!” Be sure to visit us daily for Office 365 news, analysis and even secrets and gossip. Every journey beings with a first step: click over to www.o365nation.com.

Questions? E-mail our founder directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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HarryB HeadshotRegistration Link: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/619730720

Thursday, September 4, 2014

10:00 - 11:00 am PDT 1:00 - 2:00 pm EDT

Learn how to generate incremental revenue while increasing the level of service to your customers with attachedapps.  attachedapps offers a powerful yet lightweight solution for SMB customers’ biggest pain point of effectively winning, delighting and growing their customer base.  A complete offering that no one else provides today, attachedapps are easy to install, “attach” to Office 365 and run on Azure.

In this webinar, we will cover:

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Melanie GassMelanie Gass, aka the Microsoft Princess, recently had a broadcast of Office 365 basics, with our very own Harrybbb.

The session, titled: Office 365 101: The Basics, is now available at the link here.

Also be sure to catch Harry and Melanie at the 12th Annual SMB Nation Fall Conference, September 26-28 in Redmond, WA!


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