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Why I am Mad at Apple…A Personal Rant

So as the popular skit “Coffee Talk” skit goes on Saturday Night Live: “Apple’s iPhone 5…Discuss!” Remember when the main character in that skit, Linda Richmond, played by Mike Meyers, would use that catch-phrase? Well today I would like to discuss not only the Apple iPhone 5 (introduced with much fanfare last week), but also its new iOS 6 operating system available for download on Wednesday.

When CEO Tim Cook announced the iPhone 5 last week, he also noted that the 5 version, as well as its predecessors, such as the iPhone 4 (my personal device) would be available, starting today, with the new operating system. I had thought about pre-ordering the iPhone 5 at my local Sprint store, but then I realized that the phone is in fine condition; if I wanted a new operating systems and new features, I could just download the iOS6 update for free.

My sister, who always has to get all of the new gadgets when they come out, already pre-ordered her iPhone 5 at the Verizon store. She is a true Apple junkie, having a MacBook Pro, iPad and iTouch in her possession as well. I, on the other hand, don’t always have to get the latest and greatest, but I do appreciate functionality updates that can make an already useful device even better.

That being said, I was excited to download and install the new OS this afternoon, once Apple released it. I went to the Apple Web site to follow the directions, and was extremely disappointed when I got to the software update tab with the download, which was not highlighted. I could not figure it out, and then saw the evil message at the bottom stating: “This update requires at least 2.4GGB of available storage.” The download takes up 597 MB of storage, so I thought this must be some type of mistake, since I could have sworn I had the storage space to support the download.

I went and checked my usage, and saw that I indeed did not have the space available with ony 1.7GB left; my music alone took up over 700 MB, plus all of the photos I have been taking of my new son. I realized that this could possibly be all part of Apple’s plan to either get me to automatically obtain the iPhone 5 (and spend more money), or that I should have gotten the 32 or 64 GB model, rather than 16…alas spending more money!

If I’m looking for a new power cord for my iPhone, I can contact Harrybbb; I hear he would be willing to sell his old Apple power cords for FREE with a shipping and handling fee of $99 per cord!

Of course my anger toward Apple will be short-lived, since the actual device makes up for any angst or resentment I am feeling toward the company (or its devices at this point). This is because the alternative, and I won’t mention names, is pretty slim, and slim just left town (or so I hear)…



  • Joseph Walker
    Joseph Walker Friday, 21 September 2012

    Ouch. Regina, you wound me. Did you just dis my fancy new Android phone (with a bigger, prettier screen than your iPhone's)? Not to mention, I get Google Maps. Apple still stinks in that department. Plus, who can resist a mobile operating system called Jelly Bean? Oh, and I can sync the Google Chrome tabs from my computer without having to deal with any geeky shenanigans. There's a lot more than that, too, but I'll save the rest for a future blog. :)

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