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Urgent: Download Our XP Migration Guide Now!

Q3 CoverSeriously – this is our PhD thesis on the Windows XP migration matter. It looks at the situation from the obvious market measurement and deadline perspectives to the cost of keeping an aging PC to look forward alternatives such as, eeek, cloud solutions.

What I appreciate most is that we hit head-on the objections and observations typically (and casually) thrown around by smaller midget minds. For example, “No, Virginia, you can’t just go to BestBuy to solve the problem (LOL).” Or this one: “Can’t my existing computer guy do this?” I’d offer there is an expertise element present in a Windows XP migration inside a SMB customer (ergo – this Windows XP Migration Guide is essential reading). Or finally, “I’ve migrated all of my clients, so what’s the problem?” Ummm…my reply is: “Do you even own a passport, speak a second language and have a global perspective?”

The Windows XP migration madness is a worldwide issue numbers into the hundreds of millions of end points way beyond your 24- to 36-local SMB customers. Hopefully you see the analytical, New York Times-style, in-depth reporting our expert team employed to deploy this amazing guide. As Thomas Watson at IBM used to say: THINK!

Can’t I get this information elsewhere? Sure – if you want to take the past few months we devoted to research and mastering the Windows XP Migration matter. Or you can operate efficiently, download our guide in under 1-minute at and capitalize on the greatest opportunity in a SMB IT Pro generation. Let us know what you think – we sincerely hope you appreciate our efforts.

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Thursday, 21 November 2019