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Top 5 Tips for High Quality VoIP Services from, a VoIP search site, today released a list of 5 tips for having high-quality VoIP service on a budget. The company explained that although VoIP is, in general, a cost-effective option for residential and business purposes, many users are not aware of all of the service’s uses.


The top 5 tips outlined by today are as follows:


  1. Get VoIP hardware as part of a service plan. members explained that users should watch their provider’s sites carefully to watch for deals on hardware for their service plans. In addition, new VoIP customers should be sure to inquire about any hardware discounts available for signing up with the VoIP provider. This tip can save organizations/homes $100.00 or more.
  2. When traveling, use free wifi and mobile apps. By nature, VoIP is good for those who are highly mobile, as users can connect from anywhere with an internet connection. also said that many VoIP providers are now providing “Mobile VoIP,” which allows users to use their smartphones as a VoIP phone to save on roaming charges.
  3. Set up a virtual number. Many VoIP providers offer a virtual number as part of their service packages. This allows users to set up a phone number with any area code, and can save families in long-distance calling costs. For example, a person in Oregon can set up a number with a Virginia area code, which they can distribute to family in the area. As the area code is “local,” family members do not have to pay extra to stay in touch via phone.
  4. Find the right international calling plan for your needs. There is a plethora of VoIP providers with good base international call plans. touched specifically on a plan from 8X8, Inc., that allows users to customize their international plan to select the countries they call most often.
  5. Bundle. Talk to current and potential VoIP providers about adding their internet services to your package. Not only is this plan a potential money-saver, typically the phone service you receive from VoIP internet providers is of higher quality, as it has been rated specifically for VoIP use.



For more info from, visit their site here.



Source: PRWeb Press Release, 7 March, 2013

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