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The Top 5 Coolest VoIP Features that can Improve your Business

We all know that VoIP is an affordable technology that transfers voice and data through the Internet. Unlike traditional phone service providers, VoIP companies accommodate businesses with numerous features at no extra cost. However, as some top VoIP companies provide as many as 40 features in their basic plans, it is sometimes difficult for businesses to fully understand each option and use all of them on a daily basis.

In light of these assessments, has revealed the top five sometimes overlooked VoIP features and has explained how each of them can potentially benefit businesses of all sizes.

1. Do Not Disturb: When an employee is meeting with an important client or working to meet an urgent deadline, a ringing phone is an annoying distraction. The Do Not Disturb option allows employees to make inbound calls go straight to voicemail so that their phones do not ring during certain times of the day.

2. Priority Alert: With Priority Alert, an employee can program a specific ringtone to certain telephone numbers. When one of these telephone numbers calls the employee’s phone, the phone will have a unique ring that is different from the usual ring.

This is a great business VoIP feature for employees that don’t want to miss a call from an specific callers, such as their boss or important clients.

3. Dial-By-Name Directory: The Dial-By-Name Directory option lets a business set up an automatic greeter that prompts incoming callers to dial the first or last name of the employee that they’re trying to reach.
This feature is beneficial to companies because it can make smaller companies seem larger, and it could also eliminate the need for a receptionist to man the lines and direct incoming calls at all times of the day.

4. Pre-Alerting Announcement: A business can use the Pre-Alerting Announcements to record a message that will play for the incoming caller before the call is connected. An employee can set the message to play on a given day or at specific times. The employee can also program the message to play for certain callers.
A business may benefit from this feature to notify incoming callers of business information and updates even if it is after hours.

5. Click-to-Call Me: This option allows a business to apply a Click-to-Call Me button on its website and lets employees set the same option in their email signatures. With this VoIP feature, potential customers can click on the link, type in their own telephone numbers, and then the customer’s and business’s phones will both ring, connecting the two in a phone call.

This calling feature improves connectivity and customer experience as customers will no longer have to hunt for a business’s number.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2018