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The Ever-Increasing Value of Industry Standard Credentials

01655 US Global Trustmark Banner Ad 220x150By Miles Jobgen, Director of Trustmark Programs for CompTIA

As one of the most recognizable credentials, or “marks,” in North America, the Better Business Bureau logo gives an organization instant credibility and provides a sense of security to current and prospective customers. Its holders have made a commitment to uphold certain standards relating to their transaction processes, professional relationships and community standing. Most of all, a BBB logo instills trust.

Business credentials can be particularly valuable to those in the IT services area, where a solid reputation is often the biggest differentiator when you’re prospecting new clients or developing key industry relationships. The logo or mark of acknowledgement you receive from a respected association can truly improve your company’s standing. Those who receive business credentials must meet certain standards and industry-specific criteria, so the designation can give instant credibility to a holder’s capabilities.

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Karl Says: Now is the Time to Work On Your Business

SMBNation Ad 2015 05Author and blogger Karl Palachuk says that right now is a great time to be a technology consultant. The economy may not be on fire, he says, but the recession is definitely over and money is flowing. "There are moments in time when you can FEEL the energy," he says. "Right now you can feel the push and the flow of money into the small business sector. Don't miss out because you did nothing!"

Palachuk is putting on his fourth annual SMB Online Conference June 23-25. The conference focuses on the business processes and procedures you need to be successful going forward. The conference theme is "Time to Thrive." As Palachuk puts it, you survived the last six years: Now it's time to Thrive!

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3 Cloud Sales Objections You Must Overcome

Sponsored by Microsoft and Ingram Micro Cloud

It’s more apparent than ever that cloud computing is not only picking up momentum, it’s also a key component driving other industry trends such as mobile computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). With that said, you can’t capitalize on any of these exciting trends if you don’t first learn how to sell cloud.

One of the most important starting points is recognizing the fact that there’s a lot of confusion and wrong information about the cloud that has to be dealt with before you can discuss specific cloud services and costs. CompTIA’s 4th Annual Trends in Cloud Computing sheds light on three specific areas of confusion end users have that IT solution providers (ITSPs) need to uncover and address to win cloud business.

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Apps: The Next Generation

attachedapps ad for advertorial 8.25.14“App”. You’re no doubt familiar with the word, but may have wondered about its origin or current meaning. In the early days of the tech era, app was simply an abbreviation of the word “application” and was used to describe typical software programs like word processing, accounting, and graphics suites. But over time the definition evolved, perhaps sparked several years ago by Apple’s popular catchphrase “there’s an app for that”, which they used to describe software written specifically for their smartphones. Fast forward to now, and the word “app” usually refers to small pieces of software that perform specific functions, run on any device anywhere, are bought on a subscription basis, are cloud-enabled, and don’t require long-term license commitments. While there’s an endless supply of apps like this aimed at consumers, there are very few designed for businesses, including SMBs. Our friends at attachedapps are out to change that.

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Grabbing the Low Hanging Fruit

As a channel partner, you are probably always on the lookout for anything that will bring you additional revenue, a competitive edge, and enhanced relationships with your customers. If you are taking advantage of the move to cloud computing that’s sweeping the SMB world, you want products that fit into the cloud-based paradigm. The challenge is finding products that are easy to sell, easy to learn, and provide real value to your customers while complimenting what you are already selling. In other words, you are looking for the low-hanging fruit that you know is out there.

Consider this. All companies have contacts that they need to manage. The problem is that most SMB customers don’t want or need the cost and complexity of CRM products, so they wind up using something like Excel to keep track contacts. In fact, Excel and Outlook are the top two products that SMBs say they use to manage their customers. That’s the low hanging fruit you’ve been looking for, and attachedapps is a great solution to help you pick it.

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