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What Microsoft’s Big News Means for SMBs, MSPs, and VARs

By Neeraj Periwal, Marketing Coordinator, efolder

eFolder Nation Banner CloudfinderEarlier this month, Microsoft made headlines by making two major announcements about Office — news that will have a big impact for many SMBs, MSPs, and VARs.

On November 4 and 6, Microsoft said it was making Office free for iOS and Android and also announced a new tie-in with Dropbox, making it seamless for Dropbox users on iOS and Android to open and edit their files directly in Office applications.

These moves make it clear that Microsoft wants to (and will!) sell more Office 365 licenses to small and medium-sized businesses. This is not only a terrific competitive move for Microsoft — it also introduces a tremendous opportunity for players in the IT channel.

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Are Your Writing Skills As Good As Your IT Skills?


bob vogel augustBy Bob Vogel, B2 Marketing

One of the biggest challenges faced by most IT executives is the fact that most of their techs are great at fixing and maintaining networks, but they lack good writing skills, and they rarely document their work.

It’s hard enough trying to get them just to update service tickets with good notes. But these are NOT the guys or gals who are going to prepare a comprehensive report for your clients detailing the work you’ve performed. And they’re certainly not the people who are going to walk out of a prospect situation and generate a well-written and well-organized set of documents detailing what they discovered, and what the implications are.

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Nine Questions to Ask Clients and Prospects about Disaster Recovery

storagecraft smallBy Casey Morgan, StorageCraft Technology Corporation

As an IT provider, you understand that backups are really just the first step toward something much bigger. A backup without a recovery is about as useful as a computer without a monitor—the data is there, but can you actually use it? But that’s why shouldn’t sell simple backups. You should sell disaster recovery as a service or “DRaaS.” (See “More Tools” below).

The tricky thing is that clients and prospects don’t always see the value in spending more for something they think are “just backups.” In order to help them understand the value in disaster recovery, it’s helpful to have a conversation about what disaster recovery is and what backups are not, and this involves asking some questions.

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Do You Get Me?

 That’s what every partner should ask vendors. Sometimes it can get a little frustrating working with vendors that don’t “get” partners. A lot of them don’t seem to understand the role that partners like you play in selling IT solutions to SMBs, and even worse, don’t understand how partners make money. A lot of them will create products, stick them on a web site then spend a lot of money on direct marketing and sales in an attempt to get customers to come buy them. We all know that that is not the best way to serve SMB customers.


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How to Conduct a Non-Invasive Network Assessment

Bob Vogel BlueBy Bob Vogel B2 Marketing

I’ve been talking with the folks over at RapidFire Tools to learn more about their network assessment tool called The Network Detective. Their big claim to fame is that the tool they’ve created allows you to perform a completely non-invasive assessment that’s deceptively easy to set up and fast to run.

So I asked them what does” non-invasive” really mean, and why is that important?

“Basically, there’s no software to install, and no monitoring agents that need to be deployed around the network,” said Win Pham, who built the software for RapidFire Tools. “This is really important if you’re walking into a prospect environment. There might be an incumbent service provider or internal IT resource that the owner would rather not know that you are in there poking around.”

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