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Cloud Adoption Displaces Confusion

Seth Robinson CropNew CompTIA Research highlights the model’s acceptance and success

By Seth Robinson

Over the past five years, cloud computing has been a somewhat disruptive topic in the IT community. Early on, it was hard getting everyone to agree on a definition, and more recently, others dismissed it as a mere marketing term. At a minimum, the cloud concept has created a lively dialogue right from the point of its inception. In reality, it’s having a significant impact on businesses and transforming their operations. The recent 5th Annual Trends in Cloud Computing study from CompTIA confirms those observations and gives us a glimpse of what to expect in 2015.

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“Timing is everything”

attachedapps animated file Jan 17 2015How often have you heard that phrase? More importantly, how often has it been immediately relevant to you and your business? Well, if you are selling into the SMB customer segment, it’s very relevant to you…now!

That’s because this is the time of year that a lot of smaller companies conduct an assessment of their business and decide to make improvements. This includes getting better at organizing their information, cutting costs, streamlining operations, and many more aspects of their business that IT partners can help with. In fact, data shows that purchases of new computers and software by SMBs is typically highest in the first 3-4 months of the calendar year.

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The Easiest Way to Office 365

SkyKick Jan 2015Project Automation Built for IT Providers

Moving a business to Office 365 is no small task. IT providers need a more holistic approach to move their customers to Office 365. So we created a new category of migration software called Migration Project Automation - designed to help IT providers manage all the details of a project from sales to Outlook setup. The result? Reduced time and risk. A seamless migration project. Happy customers.

Designed for Scale

SkyKick helps thousands of partners move their customers to Office 365. The technology is designed to address the wide variety of migration scenarios that exist across the SMB (1-250 employee) and Enterprise (250+ employee) landscapes. We understand that every one of your customer’s email environments is unique, and projects can be complex and risky. That’s why our products are built to help you manage migrations with ease.

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PSO banner 220X150With the arrival of cloud computing and a reduction in the use of paper documents worldwide, the act of printing is becoming increasingly rare in the modern office. Selling a used printer, buying a new one or recycling a used printer for cash are all possible options thanks to PowerSource Online.

Our B2B online platform allows members to buy, sell or recycle their used IT and Telecom equipment, including printers, laptops, servers, phones and other products they no longer need. PowerSource Online brings together thousands of buyers who are seeking new, used and refurbished IT and telecom parts and equipment on a regular basis. By becoming a member, you will be able to advertise your excess equipment, parts or unique services to qualified dealers, resellers and service providers, growing your customer base and increasing your sales prospects. The items you want to sell will be automatically advertised via email to hundreds of members that are constantly seeking to buy used IT equipment and spare parts.

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How to make BIG even BIGGER

One copy every second. That’s how much Office 365 is being sold worldwide according to Microsoft. It is the fastest selling product in Microsoft’s history. Even better, over 75% of all of those installations are being done by partners. That’s what we call a BIG opportunity. However, there’s an even BIGGER opportunity, and it is associated with doing what partners do best: adding value to the products that they sell or recommend.

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