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Sponsored Post: Using Network Assessment throughout the IT service lifecycle

If you ask Ryan Leuring about the tools he uses to drive his successful Chicago-based IT Support Services business, he’ll mention the Network Detective.

After trying out this affordable network assessment tool, he decided he had to use it as an everyday part of Reachout, which provides IT support services, IT hosting, data backup, and communications services to businesses and non-profits nationwide.   

Network Detective has helped us find the weak points for potential new clients, he said. The information it gathers is incredible.’”

In a recent note to the company that makes the Network Detective, Ryan described how he uses network assessments – not just for new business generation – but throughout the customer service lifecycle:

”Once new business is won, we use the Network Detective’s network admin report as the starting point to securing and making our client's lives easier and more productive,” he said.

“I actually look forward to client's whose report comes back with a 7 or higher (on a scale of 1-to-10… with 10 being most “at risk”) because there will be that much more of a sense of accomplishment.

“Network Detective is extremely easy to use for the amount of information it gathers!

If you’d like to learn more, here’s a link to the RapidFire Tools site. 

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Sponsored Post: Revising your backup and disaster recovery plan for 2013

StorageCraft Logo By Casey Morgan, StorageCraft

You should revise your backup and disaster recovery plan every year. Here’s a quick guide to revising for 2013:

What worked, what didn’t?

For those who saw their plan in action, hopefully the plan went well. But now it’s time to figure out what you could have done better. After the emergency, were you able to:

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