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Office 365: Regulatory Compliance and eDiscovery

AppRivereDiscovery 2By Nathan Mitchell, AppRiver

Many organizations have a regulatory obligation to retain various types of data and ensure its authenticity and integrity.  So, it’s not a surprise when customers ask us about eDiscovery capabilities within the popular cloud-based communications and collaboration solution. 

Discovery is the term used for the initial phase of litigation where the parties in a dispute are required to provide each other relevant information and records, along with all other evidence related to the case.  You can use eDiscovery in Office 365 to search for content in Exchange Online mailboxes, SharePoint Online sites, or both.  You can even copy the data to a Discovery Mailbox or export it to a PST file. 

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“The right tool for the right job.”

attachedapps 220x150 Feb 12That’s a slogan a popular tool company has been using for over 100 years. It’s also a concept that partners like you should keep in mind when helping your SMB customers. Just because something can get the job done, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to get the job done. A great example of this is managing contacts. When SMBs are asked what software they use to track contacts, you might think a majority of them would name one of the popular CRM products like, Dynamics CRM, or any one dozens more. Instead, in several surveys conducted by Microsoft over the last 10 years, the #1 answer from SMBs is Microsoft Outlook. The #2 answer is Microsoft Excel. An e-mail client and a spreadsheet. Great tools for their designed purpose, but definitely not the best for managing company contacts, tracking sales or managing customers.

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An easy way to “attach” revenue to every Office 365 customer


There has been a lot of talk about how partners can and should adapt to the rise of cloud-based applications, with particular focus on how to replace revenue from sources like on-site server and software installations. Harry had a 3-part series on the issue a few months ago, and many other knowledgeable sources have written and spoken about it. In short, the transition to the cloud is happening, and is even picking up speed. This means that partners need to adapt in order to capitalize on the transition. Smart partners are finding new ways to attach revenue to cloud-based software like Office 365. That’s where our friends at attachedapps come in.

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Supporting Office 365

By Nathan Mitchell, AppRiver

As an original Office 365 syndicator and current Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we at AppRiver have discovered a feature or two about Microsoft’s popular productivity suite. And sometimes those discoveries can create a challenge for our team who supports the product 24 hours a day, every day.

So just how do you support a product that continually evolves?

The simple answer is to evolve with it. Our team spends a lot of time talking with Microsoft, reading articles and other educational guides about new Office 365 features. When those features roll into production, we set time aside to test it. The goal? To stay in front of our customers and anticipate the questions that they might ask.

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