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SMB Nation Launches New Peer Groups Division

SMB Nation announced today that it has launched what is known as “The New SMB Nation.” As part of this initiative, this leading small and medium business (SMB) community has established a new division known as SMB Nation Peer Groups. The groups, which are designed to bring together like-minded business people, with the common goal of leading successful IT practices, will be made up of YOU, based on what YOU want out of a group, and evolving with YOU as your business grows and changes.

Powered by Bering McKinley (IT and MSP consulting firm), SMB Nation Peer Groups will be led by Josh Peterson, CEO, Bering McKinley. Peterson, who is known as a thought leader in the SMB channel, is also an industry veteran, having spent several years with Taylor Business Group before establishing Bering McKinley with his co-founders last year. Aside from spearheading SMB Nation Peer Groups, Peterson and his business partners Adam Bielanski and Rory Reed, bring over 14 years of consulting and peer group leadership.

SMB Nation Peer Groups will be geared toward IT business professionals who are looking to be part of an affinity group that will provide them with a holistic approach and outlook to furthering their respective business models. The Peer Groups are based with the idea in mind that they are willing to be open and honest, and share information about all aspects of their business.

“With SMB Nation Peer Groups we are working to accomplish three things: improve profitability, overall company growth, and improve the quality of life of owners and employees,” Peterson said. “We are building the next generation of peer groups, which are not tied to antiquated management methods or driven by vendor agendas.”

According to Peterson, while SMB Nation Peer Groups will be available to anyone in the SMB industry who is looking to share best practices with other like-minded individuals in their circle, he did add that the ideal candidate is an individual whose company has revenues between $500,000 to $2 million per year, has invested in a PSA infrastructure, and has at least one layer of management within their business. “These are the types of companies that usually thrive in a peer group environment,” he said.

As a member of SMB Nation Peer Groups, IT professionals can expect to achieve the following:

·    Learn from the mistakes and successes of other IT service providers.
·    Set ambitious, achievable targets for your company.
·    Discover new ideas that have already been successfully implemented by others.
·    Improve the capacity of your sales, service and other managers.
·    Stay on the cutting edge of the latest IT industry trends.
·    Network with professionals in your industry.

Furthermore, to provide a true granular effect for each member, SMB Nation Peer Groups will be designated by three separate categories, as outlined below:

·    Owners Group: Focuses on providing the whole gamut of understanding how your business can thrive.
·    Sales Managers Group: Focuses on working with your respective sales teams and owners to become a sales-driven organization.
·    Service Providers Group: Focuses on sharing best practices with other service managers in your group to learn how there is an entire world out there beyond just your desk (and PC).

“This is not your grandfather’s peer group,” said Harry Brelsford, Founder and Chairman, SMB Nation. “What differentiates SMB Nation Peer Groups from other groups like this in our industry is that we will be using cutting-edge technology to present your financial data so that it’s not overwhelming and cumbersome to you, the IT professional. “This will not be a Peer Group that is run by way of a textbook approach. Rather, we will focus on helping you to look at alternative ways to help you successfully run your business. In addition, we encourage a diverse membership so that our Peer Group members will be able to meet and collaborate with others in the industry for the purpose of sharing a variety of experiences and ideas.”

To learn more about SMB Nation Peer Groups, and to have one of our representatives contact you with more information, go to, and click on the “Peer Groups” tab.

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Thursday, 27 February 2020