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SmartShield Instant Recovery: A Partner’s View

By Bob Nitrio – Ranvest Associates

I discovered Centurion Technologies and SmartShield when I had to replace two aging, malware-plagued computers at a senior living community clubhouse. Although I had an instant recovery product already, I wasn’t satisfied with it. This client was over two hours away and I needed something to make the new systems bulletproof.

My search for a replacement solution led to Centurion’s SmartShield. This program restores a system to a locked-down state every time you reboot. It also allows you to specify files and folders that stay outside of the golden image so that they always remain current, such as a PST file or a document folder. If you need to add a new program, you simply turn off SmartShield, install and update the program and then lock things down again.

How did this work out? It has been phenomenal. Since I installed SmartShield, I have not had a single call concerning a virus infection or any other problem that could potentially require a long drive to remediate. That is how SmartShield has provided a return on investment for me. It has saved me time and effort in managing these two computers.

More importantly, it has provided a huge return on investment for the homeowner association. They no longer have to suffer with poor performance brought on by malware or spend precious dollars on remediation. This has freed up funds to be used for more critical association needs and other IT projects.

If you want a high ROI solution for your clients that can be added to an MSP offering with good margins, check out Centurion Technologies. You can try SmartShield here or just give them a call at 844.224-7977. Tell them Bob sent you. You’ll be glad you did and your clients will love you.

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Thursday, 20 February 2020