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Microsoft Releases e-Guide on Demystifying the Pursuit of Govt. Contracts

Microsoft recently released an e-guide on how partners can take the mystery and confusion regarding contracts with governments and large enterprises. With so many of us having such busy schedules, we literally have zero time to focus on how to muddle through all of this “red tape,” which often includes mounds of paperwork and excess forms and tasks to complete.

The tech giant developed this e-guide to help alleviate some of these mundane processes, so that they can focus on what matters the most, sales and growing their respective businesses. For more on this topic, Cindy Bates, Microsoft’s VP of US SMB organization put together a blog to discuss the importance of this e-guide and why/how partners should put this on their must-read list.

Bates writes that in speaking with SMBs throughout her day, there is always one potential customer type that isn’t on the focal point of many SMBs, even though it ought to be: local, state and federal government agencies. “Did you know that the government is the largest buyer of virtually every business product and service in the U.S., and that the U.S. government intends to spend a quarter of its budget with small businesses?,” Bates writes. “In order for a small business to work with the government, they require a formal contract, but the process of securing such a contract can be cumbersome – so much so that in 2012, the federal government missed its small business contracting goal for the eleventh straight year. In response, President Obama recently signed legislation to help small firms compete for more federal contracts.”

Bates continues that as a result of these findings, she and her SMB team at Microsoft are always looking for opportunities to further the SMB culture. Therefore, Microsoft has sponsored a new 2013 edition ebook of the Procurement Opportunities Guide, produced by Braddock Communications. This e-guide (which you can download here) simplifies the process of pursuing and securing government contracts, and provides clear guidance to help VARs and MSPs:

·    Understand what it takes to work with the government
·    Effectively marketing your business
·    See how technology can help your business scale for growth, and
·    Uncover special programs for small businesses who want to work with the government.

“It takes knowledge, patience and persistence to secure a government contract, but understanding and committing to the process can be the first steps in taking your business to the next level,” Bates writes. “I hope you’ll find the Procurement Opportunities Guide a valuable resource in helping your business consider new ways of growing your business.

Has your business worked with the government? Let us know if you have any best practices/success stories that you would like to share with us!

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Monday, 17 February 2020